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明/清 徐枋 蘭石圖 軸
Orchids and Rock

Xu Fang (Chinese, 1622–1694)
Qing dynasty (1644–1911)
dated 1693
Hanging scroll; ink on paper
Image: 35 7/16 x 17 5/16 in. (90 x 44 cm)
Credit Line:
Lent by The Chih Lo Lou Collection, Hong Kong
Not on view
A native of Suzhou, Xu Fang passed the provincial-level civil-service examination in 1642. After his father committed suicide to protest Manchu rule, Xu gave up his pursuit of public office and spent the rest of his life in self-exile on a mountain outside Suzhou.

This painting of wild orchids, fungi, and a rock can be considered a symbolic self-portrait of the artist. Orchids thrive in the wilderness, unconcerned with the bustling world that ignores their fragrance. Time may carve into the rock’s surface and chisel away its edges but cannot compromise its essential substance. Painted in late winter one year before he died, the robust fungi, treasured for their association with longevity, tell of the old man’s high spirits and optimism.

cat. no. 58
Ho Iu-kwong (He Yaoguang) Chinese, 1907–2006
New York. The Metropolitan Museum of Art. "The Art of Dissent in 17th-Century China: Masterpieces of Ming Loyalist Art from the Chih Lo Lou Collection," September 6, 2011–January 2, 2012.