About The Met/ Fellowships


Almost 150 years after its founding in 1870, The Metropolitan Museum of Art is as strongly committed as ever to its educational mission of supporting scholarly investigation and research into its encyclopedic collection, and to contributing to broader academic discourses.

Join a community of scholars in the fields of art history, archaeology, museum education, conservation, and related sciences, as well as scholars in other disciplines whose projects are interdisciplinary in nature and relate to objects in The Met collection.

The Met thanks the following for their generous support of fellowships at the Museum: Association of Research Institutes in Art History, Mercedes T. Bass, Bothmer Fellowship Fund, Sylvan C. Coleman and Pam Coleman Memorial Fund, Chester Dale Fellowship Fund, Douglass Foundation, Sherman Fairchild Foundation, Inc., The Hagop Kevorkian Fund, Leonard A. Lauder and Anonymous Gifts to The Leonard A. Lauder Research Center for Modern Art, J.S. Lee Memorial Fellowship Programme, The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, J. Clawson Mills Charitable Trust, Theodore Rousseau Fellowship Fund, Joseph and Sylvia Slifka Foundation, Hanns Swarzenski and Brigitte Horney Swarzenski Fellowship Fund, Polaire Weissman Fund, and Jane and Morgan Whitney Fellowship Fund.