Diadem with Kinnaris (Half-Bird, Half-Female Creatures)

Date: 9th–10th century

Culture: India (Jammu & Kashmir, ancient kingdom of Kashmir)

Medium: Gold inset with garnet

Dimensions: H. 4 5/8 in. (11.8 cm); W. 11 1/8 in. (28.3 cm)

Classification: Jewelry

Credit Line: Gift of Evelyn Kossak, The Kronos Collections, 1988

Accession Number: 1988.395a–c


This three-piece repoussé diadem is a rare example of early Indian jewelry. Four kinnaris—half-bird, half-female celestial celebrants—dominate the design. It was probably made in Kashmir, judging by the likeness of the kinnaris to those depicted on the ninth-century temple of Avantisvamin at Avantipur, Kashmir.