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As frequent visitors to the Met, we often create personal connections with the works of art we see in the galleries. In the Teen Advisory Group's recent photo adventure throughout the Museum, we attempted to integrate the works of art into our own reality.

We took a variety of photographs, incorporating works of art as if we owned them in our own homes. As we came across two identical chairs in the Italian European Sculpture and Decorative Arts gallery, we imagined ourselves taking a break in those chairs.

Emily (at left) and Audrey "sitting" in the pair of armchairs in Gallery 550

In the photograph below, our approach was slightly different. We felt the emotion conveyed through Night, a sculpture of a woman in the Carroll and Milton Petrie European Sculpture Court when we mimicked her depressed pose. More often, we see art in the Met that inspires us to feel as powerful as a ruler or as thoughtful as a philosopher. In our journey throughout the galleries with a camera, we learned that there are always opportunities to make personal connections with objects at the Museum.

Jimmy (at left) and Audrey posing like Night, located in the Carroll and Milton Petrie European Sculpture Court

View a slideshow of our photographs.

What personal connections do you have with works of art at the Met?

We welcome your response to this question below.

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