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Genevieve, at left, and Evelin in Gallery 169

Let us introduce you to our favorite place in the Metropolitan Museum: the Greek and Roman Art galleries. When you walk into these galleries, the natural light streams in through the glass windows and immediately makes you feel like you are in a special place. The works of art captured our interest when we visited, but it was the mosaic floor in the Roman Sculpture Court that held us in awe. We marveled at how these individual tiles composed such an intricate and complex design. We also wanted to focus on the floor in this blog post because it is a work of art that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Evelin and Genevieve examining the mosaic floor in the Museum's Roman Sculpture Court

The mosaic floor transports you from New York City to ancient Rome, and it creates the ideal environment for viewing these works of art. The galleries are an interesting place to learn about ancient Greek and Roman culture and to enjoy the beauty of marble sculpture and ancient artifacts.

Check out Evelin's artwork below, which was inspired by the design of the floor.

Evelin. Floors, 2012. Cut tissue on paper

What do you like best about the Greek and Roman Art galleries?

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