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The Met's Amazing Teen Programs

Audrey at the Impressionism and Fashion teen program, May 2013

It's been almost a year since I was a member of the Met's Teen Advisory Group, and I have come to realize something important: teen programs at the Met are amazing! Who would have thought that such a large museum smack in the middle of New York City would offer absolutely free classes to teens that were taught by some the best teachers and artists around? I was astounded the first time I stepped into one of the classes. To be able to help plan these events later on as a member of the Teen Advisory Group was a dream come true for me. But I had no idea how useful these programs would prove to be after I said goodbye to the Teen Advisory Group and hello to college.

Now in my first-ever formal art history class, I have come to realize just how much I learned in the countless teen programs I attended during high school. My jaw dropped when the first image presented in class was a Greek statue that we had discussed at a teen program only months before, and I was further astounded when I recognized image after image. I have come to realize that the times in which I thought I was just having fun with teachers and other students were times in which I learned the most about art history. I have realized that art can truly be so much fun when you learn about it through their stories and do fun activities related to the pieces.

These are a few reasons for why these programs take art to a whole new level. Instead of simply studying them in a textbook or looking at pieces on slides, you can truly have fun with art and make it a social event where you can bring these historic pieces into the modern day and your everyday life.

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