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Impressionist and Post-Impressionist Paintings in The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Moffett, Charles S. (1985)
This title is out of print.
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Johan Barthold Jongkind, Dutch, 1819–1891

Eugène Boudin, French, 1824–1898

Henri Fantin-Latour, French, 1836–1904

Édouard Manet, French, 1832–1883

Edgar Degas, French, 1834–1917

Camille Pissarro, French, 1830–1903

Claude Monet, French, 1840–1926

Alfred Sisley, British, 1839–1899

Pierre Auguste Renoir, French, 1841–1919

Paul Cézanne, French, 1839–1906

Paul Gauguin, French, 1848–1903

Vincent van Gogh, Dutch, 1853–1890

Georges Seurat, French, 1859–1891

Paul Signac, French, 1863–1935

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, French, 1864–1901

Odilon Redon, French, 1840–1916

Henri Rousseau (Le Douanier), French, 1844–1910

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