Asia; oder, Genaue und grundliche Beschreibung des gantzen Syrien und Palestins, oder belobten Landes . . .

Olfert Dapper (Dutch, 1635–1689)
Amsterdam : Jacob von Meursen, 1681
Illustrated book
2 pts. in 1 vol.; H: 12 1/4 in. (31 cm)
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This rare and obscure description of Asia, Palestine, and Syria was originally compiled and printed in Dutch by Olfert Dapper. The Library's edition is in German and was translated and published by Jacob von Meursen, who also engraved the copperplate engravings for the book. It contains a compilation of ancient texts by Josephius (a Jewish priest, ca. A.D. 70), Eusebius (a bishop from Caesarea, in Palestine, ca. A.D. 330), and Hieronymous (the man who translated Eusebius into Latin, ca. A.D. 430) as well as a description of the Holy Land, in Latin, from 1589 by Christiano Adrichom.

Illustrated: page 446, engraving of Salomon's Temple

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