King Clothar I, Limestone, originally polychromed., French

King Clothar I

ca. 1250
Limestone, originally polychromed.
Overall: 74 1/2 in. (189.2 cm)
Credit Line:
The Cloisters Collection, 1940
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On view at The Met Cloisters in Gallery 01
According to tradition, the monastery of Moutiers-Saint-Jean was founded by the first Christian kings of France, Clovis and his son Clothar. They are almost certainly the donors standing at either side, presenting their charters. The small seated figures on either side represent ancestors of the Virgin and Christ, including Moses. The tympanum above shows the Coronation of the Virgin in heaven, one of the most popular subjects in thirteenth-century French art. Despite damage sustained during tumultuous times, the naturalistic rendering of the anatomy, the plant motifs, and the delicate details throughout make this doorway an exemplary testament of the
Gothic style.
From the abbey of Moutiers-Saint-Jean, near Dijon; M. Ohresser, Moutier-Saint-Jean, France (until 1909) ; [ Demotte Inc., Paris (sold 1909) (?) ] ; Michel Manzi, Paris (through M. Pagenel, Paris, until 1919) ; [ Demotte Inc., Paris (sold 1919) ] ; [ Duveen Brothers, London, Paris and New York (sold 1919) ]
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