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Portrait of a Young Woman with a Fan

Rembrandt (Rembrandt van Rijn) (Dutch, Leiden 1606–1669 Amsterdam)
Oil on canvas
49 1/2 x 39 3/4 in. (125.7 x 101 cm)
Credit Line:
Gift of Helen Swift Neilson, 1943
Accession Number:
Not on view
This animated portrait has a pendant showing the sitter’s husband rising from a chair (Taft Museum, Cincinnati). When seen together, husband and wife seem to respond to each other, making these among Rembrandt's most inventive compositions of the early 1630s. Rembrandt's early experience as a painter of dramatic history scenes and his close study of physiognomy and character during the time he spent in Leiden prepared him to be the most original and successful portraitist in Amsterdam, where he arrived in the winter of 1631–32.
This large portrait of a vivacious young woman is the pendant to the Portrait of a Man Rising from His Chair in the Taft Museum, Cincinnati, which is signed and dated 1633; together they are two of the boldest formal portraits by any Dutch artist of the period. The paintings were separated before 1793, when this work appeared alone in the Paris estate sale of Vincent Donjeux. That the portraits were painted as a pair is not proven by known documents, but can hardly be doubted. The canvases are the same size and were probably cut from the same bolt of cloth; they are also entirely consistent in style and complementary in composition, and in the pictorial effect of such motifs as lace collars and cuffs, and conspicuous ribbons.

The pendants may be considered key works within Rembrandt's development as a portraitist during his first few years in Amsterdam, from about 1632–34. During this time, the artist drew upon his earlier experience as a history painter, and on the latest innovations in portraiture by Amsterdam artists Thomas de Keyser (1596/97–1667; see MMA 64.65.4) and Nicolaes Eliasz Pickenoy (1588–1650/56; see MMA 1976.100.22) in order to lend dramatic focus and psychological intensity to the potentially routine task of recording human likenesses. In Holland, the design of single and, especially, pair portraits had remained conservative through the 1620s, influenced by the heritage of Spanish court portraiture and formal models from England. In the Van Beresteyn portraits of 1632 (MMA 29.100.3, 29.100.4), Rembrandt was clearly working for a client who preferred the traditional approach. By contrast, this work and its pendant in Cincinnati represent his stringest departure from the conservative norm.

Rembrandt's experiments in this vein were partly inspired by the Flemish painter and international court portraitist Anthony van Dyck (1599–1641), but more immediate precedents are found in his own work. The woman's pose in the MMA canvas may be compared with that of the uppermost figure in The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp (Mauritshuis, The Hague), and also recalls that of the troubled potentate in Rembrandt's David Playing the Harp to Saul (Städelsches Kunstinstitut, Frankfurt) of about 1629–30.

The correspondence between the costume and hairdo in this portrait and that in Rembrandt's half-length Portrait of a Young Woman (Museum of Fine Arts, Houston), also dated 1633, is exceptionally close, and the sitters' faces are very similar. It appears possible that Rembrandt painted two quite different portraits of this woman, or of the same couple (if a half-length male portrait is missing), possibly for the man and wife and for his or her parents.

A gold watch and key, hung on chains, gleam against the black silk of the woman's skirt. Timepieces usually refer to mortality or temperance in Dutch portraits. Here the object is also a luxury item, and perhaps another echo of the male portrait, where gold aglets dangle at the waist.

[2012; adapted from Liedtke 2007]
Inscription: Signed and dated (lower left): Rembrandt·ft: / 1633
George O'Brien Wyndham, 3rd Earl of Egremont, Petworth House, Sussex (by 1822–d. 1837); his nephew, George Francis Wyndham, 4th Earl of Egremont, Petworth House (1837–d. 1845); the 3rd Earl's son, Colonel George Wyndham, later 1st Baron Leconfield, Petworth House (1845–d. 1869); Henry Wyndham, 2nd Baron Leconfield, Petworth House (1869–d. 1901); Charles Henry Wyndham, 3rd Baron Leconfield, Petworth House (1901–28; cat., 1920, no. 105); [Knoedler, London and New York, 1928; sold to Scott & Fowles]; [Scott & Fowles, New York, 1928–30; sold to Neilson]; Helen Swift (Mrs. Francis) Neilson, Chicago (1930–43)
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