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Woodcuts from Designs by Various Artists, Collected by Arthur Heseltine, 1873

Dalziel Brothers (British, active 1839–1893)
Joseph Swain (British, Oxford 1820–1909 London)
After Basil Bradley (British, 1842–1904)
After Alfred W. Cooper (British, died 1901)
After Walter Crane (British, Liverpool 1845–1915 Horsham)
After George Cruikshank (British, London 1792–1878 London)
After Edward Duncan (British, London 1803–1882 London)
After George Du Maurier (British, Paris 1834–1896 London)
After (Samuel) Luke Fildes (British, Liverpool 1843/44–1927 Kensington, London)
After Sir John Gilbert (British, London 1817–1897 London)
After Thomas Alexander Ferguson Graham (British, Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland 1840–1906 Edinburgh)
After Charles Green (British, 1840–1898 Hampstead)
After Arthur Boyd Houghton (British, Madras, India 1836–1875 London)
After William Holman Hunt (British, London 1827–1910 London)
After Charles Samuel Keene (British, Hornsey, Middlesex 1823–1891 London)
After Matthew James Lawless (Irish, Dublin 1837–1864 London)
After John Leech (British, London 1817–1864 London)
After Frederic, Lord Leighton (British, Scarborough 1830–1896 London)
After Richard Principal Leitch (British, ca. 1827–1882)
After James Mahoney (Irish, Cork County 1816–1879 London)
After Henry Stacy Marks (British, London 1829–1898 London)
After Sir John Everett Millais (British, Southampton 1829–1896 London)
After Thomas Morten (British, Uxbridge 1836–1866 London)
After John William North (British, London 1842–1924 Stamborough, Somerset)
After John Pettie (British, Edinburgh, Scotland 1839–1893 Hastings)
After George John Pinwell (British, London 1842–1875 London)
After Sir Edward John Poynter (British (born France), Paris 1836–1919 London)
After Frederick Augustus Sandys (British, Norwich 1829–1904 London)
After F. J. Slinger (British, active 1850–80)
After William Small (British, Edinburgh 1843–1931 Worcester)
After Frederick Walker (British, London 1840–1875 Perthshire, Scotland)
After John Dawson Watson (British, Sedbergh, Yorkshire 1832–1892 Conwy, Wales)
After Joseph Wolf (German, Moers 1820–1899 London)
ca. 1873
Wood engraving
12 5/8 x 8 1/16 x 1 1/8 in. (32 x 20.5 x 2.8 cm)
Credit Line:
Bequest of William S. Lieberman, 2005
Accession Number:
Not on view
This album of caricatures was assembled by the artist and etcher Arthur Heseltine around 1873. Born in England, Heseltine lived for a time in Bourron-Marlotte, near the forest of Fountainebleau in France, and later in Glasgow. The album later belonged to William Lieberman, curator at the Museum of Modern Art, then chairman of the Department of 20th Century Art at the Metropolitan Museum.

(1): Pinwell / Swain: A Seat in St. James’s Park, 1870.
(8): Poynter: Woman in bed, man in a kilt holds her hand, 1862.
(9): Pinwell: Young man and old woman in seaside cottage.
(10): Holman Hunt / Swain: Sick woman and young man.
(14): F. Walker / Swain: Young boy wading in the sea next to fishing boats,
(25): F. Walker: Woman with a gun and two men rowing in a boat.
(26): Fildes / Swain: The Orchard.
(27): F. Walker: Woman with one hand leaning on her, another woman reads a letter.
(28): F. Walker / Swain: Two sailors (?), one kneeling with a chain and cross by a fire.
(31): F. Walker: a woman looks in through a lit window.
(32) Pinwell / Swain: In the country, boy and girl in 18th century costume talking to one another, he with a recorder, she with flowers on a hook [Once a Week, April 23, 1864; poem by A. J. Munby].
(34): Pinwell: Mounted knight talks to an old man [Once a Week, June 13, 1863, poem by B.J.].
(36): J. W. North / Swain: Man with a knife stands next to a tree in a walled garden next to a castle.
(44): F. Walker: Man at table with pipe and cup, addressed by another standing; a poster for steam boats on wall.
(47): J. W. North: Youth in wood looks up at sunlight.
(48): Sandys: Sleep.
(49): Crane / Dalziel: The Islanders Fell Back from Them (Treasure Trove, Good Words, 1863, p. 796)
(50): A. Boyd Houghton / Dalziel: Childhood.
(52): Pinwell / Dalziel: Young Woman, letter, older Woman at right, boy at right.
(54): J. D. Watson: Man holding hand of woman who turns away.
(56), J. Pettie / Dalziel: Black man and girl reading.
(58): Pinwell: Family delivering food for Christmas to the needy.
(59): Pinwell: Standing young woman in bonnet and cloak, watches a girl seated with an open paper.
(60: J. D. Watson / Dalziel: An ill man seated with another shaking his hand, 18th century dress, next to an easel.
(63): Pettie / Dalziel: Grandfather seated with child, under an arbor.
(64): Houghton: On shipboard at night, figures gathered around a lantern in the rain.
(65): T. Morten / Dalziel: Young cow herd with flames (perhaps Moses).
(66): Houghton: Seated woman with book, boy writing on window seat.
(68): Houghton / Dalzie: Desperate Chinese man by the ocean or river.
(70: Houghton: Woman and girl embrace, man in top hat at right grasps the hand of a bearded man.
(71): T. Walker: Two men seated at a table, girl show them an object, with another girl and woman at right.
(74): Pinwell: Woman wih packages, and boy in winter.
(76): PInwell: Three woman by an open fire.
(77): Houghton: Druids about to sacrifice a nude boy and his mother.
(79-81): Antoine Court (cleric), Jean Cavallier (with gun and sword), Claude Brousson (about to be hung for faith)
(85): H. S. Marks: 16th c. house and dress, a boy asks apothecary to come.
(92): M. J. Lawless: Woman wrings hands outdoors by a river.
(93): Lawless: Medieval procession with trumpeters, maidens under a canopy, a king.
(96): Leighton / W.J. Linton: The Death of Romola's Brother.
(101): Leighton / Swain: Scene from Romola.
(109): Poynter: Fainting woman, Renaissance court, 1863.
Inscription: Inscribed on upper right corner of title page, in graphite: “WSL” [William Lieberman]

Marking: album pages have Britannia watermark
Arthur Joseph Heseltine (British, 1855/59–1930); William S. Lieberman (American, Paris 1923–2005 New York); Donor: Estate of William S. Lieberman
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