No matter who you are or what your age, there are so many wonderful ways to learn about art and the Met's collection, both online and at the Museum. Explore programs and resources that introduce you to new worlds or offer more about familiar territory. The Met has something for everyone!

For Kids

The Met has so much to offer kids and their families. Have fun together in the Museum and online!

For Teens

From classes to internships, find out how the Met is a place for teens.

For Adults

Gain fresh perspectives through a wide range of programs and resources for the novice as well as the expert.

For College Students

Extend your academic explorations beyond the seminar room in programs and internship opportunities and join other students at College Group at the Met events.

For Educators

Foster your students' learning and your own in workshops and events and with online, print, and other resources.

For Visitors with Disabilities

The Metropolitan Museum of Art welcomes all visitors and affirms its commitment to offering programs and services that are accessible to everyone.