The Met Breuer—Opening March 18, 2016

Highlights of The Met Breuer and its inaugural exhibitions Unfinished: Thoughts Left Visible (March 18–September 4, 2016), Nasreen Mohamedi (March 18–June 5, 2016), and Relation: A Performance Residency by Vijay Iyer (March 18–31, 2016).

The Metropolitan Museum of Art's modern and contemporary art program is expanding to include a new series of exhibitions, performances, artist commissions, residencies, and educational initiatives in the landmark building designed by Marcel Breuer [BROY-er] on Madison Avenue and 75th Street. Opening to the public on March 18, 2016, The Met Breuer will provide additional space for the public to explore the art of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries through the global breadth and historical reach of The Met's unparalleled collection.


Producer: Kate Farrell
Camera: Kelly Richardson
Lighting: Ned Hallick
Gaffer: Foster McLaughlin
Editor: Sarah Cowan
Music: Vijay Iyer
Production Coordinator: Lisa Rifkind
Production Assistants: Dia Rifkind, Stephanie Wuertz, Karlie Efinger

© 2016 The Metropolitan Museum of Art

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