Theme and Variations in Two Paintings by Andrea del Sarto

Recent technical examination and conservation of Andrea del Sarto's The Holy Family with the Young Saint John the Baptist, one of the Metropolitan's greatest Renaissance paintings, has revealed the work's original brilliant color and design. Andrea del Sarto's Borgherini Holy Family, on view through January, 2016, is allowing for its comparison with a closely related painting, Charity (before 1530), now in the collection of the National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.

In this talk, a curator and a conservator, both from the Met, discuss Sarto's development of the compositions through drawings on paper and directly on panels. They also examine how historic events—the dramatic circumstances of Florence's final republican years before the Medici took control again in 1530—shaped the Museum's painting and its meaning.

Andrea Bayer, Jayne Wrightsman Curator, Department of European Paintings, MMA
Michael Gallagher, Sherman Fairchild Conservator in Charge, Department of Paintings Conservation, MMA

This program is presented in conjunction with the exhibition Andrea del Sarto's Borgherini Holy Family, on view October 14, 2015–January 10, 2016.

Recorded October 22, 2015

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