Recent Discoveries in Egypt: Latest Discoveries in the Necropolis of King Pepy I at Saqqara

In this Saturday at the Met lecture, Audran Labrousse transports us to the Ancient Egyptian ruins at Saqqara by taking us through the pyramids of Pepi I, of his mother, and of his wives. Labrousse gives us an overview of Pepi I’s family tree, and describes the family dynamics of his court. Women rose in status and power during the Sixth Dynasty, and this necropolis of queens offers fresh insights into the power structures in place at the end of the Old Kingdom. Labrousse leaves us with the mysteries yet to be unearthed at Saqqara.

Audran Labrousse, Research Director, French National Centre for Scientific Research, and Director, French Archeological Mission at Saqqara, Egypt; introduced by Adela Oppenheim, associate curator, Department of Egyptian Art, The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Saturday at the Met program Recent Discoveries in Egypt, Saturday, June 20, 2009, was made possible in part by Friends of Isis

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