How to Mount a Horse in Armor and Other Chivalric Problems

For the Sunday at the Met program Legends and True Stories: Misconceptions in Art, History and Conservation, museum curators and conservators explore a fascinating topic—misconceptions. Talks highlight the permanent collection and address misunderstandings commonly held by the public and, occasionally, even by specialists in the field.

In describing the misunderstandings that surround arms and armor today, Curator Dirk Breiding considers both the world these arms came from, and the culture around imaging and studying that world. Breiding discusses the rarity of medieval arms and armor, the age of chivalry, the culture around knighthood and armies in different periods, and finally the way armor is portrayed in today's popular culture. A masterful debunker, Breiding's talk is as fascinating as it is entertaining.

Dirk H. Breiding, Assitant Curator, Department of Arms and Armor, The Metropolitan Museum of Art

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