Detective Stories about Met Treasures, Part 1: A Single Painting—Marie Denise Villers's Charlotte du Val d'Ognes

Anne Higonnet, Anne Whitney Olin Professor of Art History, Barnard College, Columbia University

A captivating story or great inspiration is behind most works of art, but hidden within some works are entirely unexpected narratives that reveal new layers of understanding. How do research, chance, and intuition unlock their secrets? Exploring three great works in the Metropolitan's collection—Marie Denise Villers's Charlotte du Val d'Ognes (died 1868) (1801), Mary Cassatt's Lady at the Tea Table (1883–85), and Anna Vaughn Hyatt Huntington's Reaching Jaguar (1906–7, cast 1926)—author and professor Anne Higonnet uncovers meanings that have been forgotten.

Recorded April 2, 2014

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