Deccan Symposium—Day 2, Session 2: Architectural Heritage, Research, and Site Management

Past and Future: Art and Preservation in the Deccan

"Qutb Shah Heritage Park: New Discovery, Conservation, and Landscape Restoration"
Ratish Nanda, Project Director, Aga Khan Trust for Culture

"Bidar: The Past Instructs the Present" 
Helen Philon, independent scholar; Cofounder of Deccan Heritage Foundation, UK and India
Sarath Chandra, Project Manager, Deccan Heritage Foundation, India

Bonnie Burnham, President and Chief Executive Officer, World Monuments Fund

Recorded May 12, 2015

The symposium is made possible by H. H. Sheikh Hamad bin Abdullah Al-Thani.

Held in memory of Mark Zebrowski and in honor of Jagdish Mittal.

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