Sonata I in A Minor by Daniel Gottlob Türk on the Hofmann Piano

Sonata I in A minor, HedT.104.8.1, II. Poco Adagio, patetico e sostenuto by Daniel Gottlob Türk (1750–1813), performed by Michael Tsalka on a piano made by Ferdinand Hofmann (1756–1829) in Vienna, ca. 1790.

Recorded August 1, 2012


Production support was provided by The Donna and Marvin Schwartz Foundation
A production of the Digital Media Department
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Produced and Directed by Christopher Noey
Edited by Kate Farrell
Camera by Jessica Glass and Kelly Richardson
Lighting by Ned Hallick
Sound Recording and Post-Production Audio by Dave Raymond
Production Coordinator: Stephanie Wuertz
Production Assistants: Sarah Cowan, Maureen Coyle
Organized by the Department of Musical Instruments
J. Kenneth Moore, Frederick P. Rose curator-in-charge
Jayson Kerr Dobney, Associate Curator and Administrator
Bradley Strauchen-Scherer, Associate Curator
Susana Caldeira, Assistant Conservator
Dongsok Shin, keyboard technician
Joseph Peknik III, Principal Technician
Pamela Summey, Programs Coordinator
Marian Eines, Associate for Administration

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