Return after Resigning, Performed by Jiaoyue Lyu

This profound piece of music is essentially based on the famed literary masterpiece of the same name by Tao Yuanming written during the Eastern Jin dynasty, depicting his life of seclusion in the country following resignation. He subtly reveals the shortcomings of his career as an official and displays his lifelong philosophy of accepting nature's course and being content with his own life and circumstances.

Jiaoyue Lyu's guqin was hand-crafted by Ni Shiyun in Jiangsu Province, China.

Filmed in the Astor Chinese Garden Court at The Metropolitan Museum of Art on April 13, 2016

Production support was provided by The Augustine Foundation.

Producer and Director: Kate Farrell
Production Coordinator: Lisa Rifkind
Jib: Kelly Richardson
Camera: Dia Felix
Lighting Design: Ned Hallick
Gaffers: Foster McLaughlin, Mary Ellen Stebbins
Editor: Kaelan Burkett
Graphics: Natasha Mileshina

Organized by the Department of Musical Instruments
J. Kenneth Moore, Frederick P. Rose Curator in Charge
Jayson Kerr Dobney, Associate Curator and Administrator
Bradley Strauchen-Scherer, Associate Curator
Tim Caster, Principal Departmental Technician
Marian Eines, Associate for Administration
Pamela Summey, Programs Coordinator
Gillian Suss, Collections Management Assistant

Support from the Department of Objects Conservation
Manu Frederickx, Associate Conservator
Jennifer Schnitker, Assistant Conservator

© 2016 The Metropolitan Museum of Art

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