The Fuentidueña Apse: A Journey from Castile to New York

This 28-minute documentary chronicles the dismantling of the twelfth-century apse from the church of San Martín in Fuentidueña, Spain, and its reconstruction at The Cloisters, between 1958 and 1961. The film combines archival footage of the apse shot in situ, commentary by noted historians of medieval Spain, and reminiscences fifty years later by members of the dismantling crew, to portray the history of this exquisite example of Romanesque architecture, part of an exchange loan agreement with the Spanish government.

May 2013 through May 2014 marks the seventy-fifth anniversary of The Cloisters.

Produced and Directed by
Christopher Noey
Jessica Glass
Director of Photography
Wayne De La Roche
Lighting Director
Ned Hallick
Dolly Grip and Jib Arm Operator
Kelly Richardson
Audio Recording
Brenda Ray
Thomas Myers
David Raymond
Archival Photography
Gonzalo Menéndez Pidal
Aerial Photography–Spain
Coyot Air
Aerial Photography–New York
Arnie Itzkowitz, Aerial Exposures
Time-Lapse Photography
Thomas Ling
Wilson Santiago
Research and
Production Consultant
Jeri Garbaccio
Post-Production Supervisor
Paul Caro
Audio Post Engineer
David Raymond
Music Supervisors
Elizabeth Weinfield
Nancy Wu
Animation and Graphic Design
Kevin Park
Natasha Mileshina
Rights and Permissions
Eileen Sullivan
Jeri Wagner
Julie Zeftel
This film was made possible by the extraordinary generosity and vision of Jeri Garbaccio in honor of The Cloisters Education Volunteers.
Produced by The Department of Digital Media
© 2013 The Metropolitan Museum of Art

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