The Tomb of Perneb at The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Explore an educational feature about the Tomb of Perneb.

In this 2004 video, Curator Dorothea Arnold tells the fascinating story of The Metropolitan Museum of Art's acquisition and installation of the Tomb of Perneb in the early 1900s. Along with Egyptologist James Allen, and Jeffrey Daly, designer, she discusses the architectural and functional details of the Old Kingdom tomb (ca. 2350 B.C.) from Saqqara, Egypt, as well as its then-recent reinstallation, which was based on the most recent understanding of the monument. 

Produced and directed by Christopher Noey
Director of Photography: Jerry Pantzer
Editor: Jessica Glass
Digital Reconstruction: Ghiora Aharoni Design Studio
Assistant Editor: Marla Mitchnick
Lighting Director: Ned Hallick
Dolly Grip: Kelly Richardson
Additional Camera: Jessica Glass
Sound: Marla Mitchnick
Digital Imaging: Paul Caro and Jackie Neale
Animation Consultants: Christian D. Bruun and Brandon Fenning, Ditlev Films
Research and Production Assistant: Ann Stepanek
Audio Post Production: Mercer Media, NYC
Music by Soliman Gamil, Edward Bilous, and Brian Keane