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The Met Around the World presents the Met’s work via the global scope of its collection and as it extends across the nation and the world through a variety of domestic and international initiatives and programs, including exhibitions, excavations, fellowships, professional exchanges, conservation projects, and traveling works of art.
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The Met organizes large and small exhibitions that travel beyond the Museum's walls, extending our scholarship to institutions across the world. See our national and international traveling exhibition program from 2009 to the present.

Works of Art

The Met lends works of art to exhibitions and institutions worldwide to expose its collection to the broadest possible audience. See our current national and international loans program.


The preservation of works of art is a fundamental part of the Met's mission. Our work in this area includes treating works of art from other collections. See our national and international conservation activities from 2009 to the present.


The Met has conducted excavations for over 100 years in direct partnership with source countries at some of the most important archaeological sites in the world. Today we continue this tradition in order to gain greater understanding of our ancient collections. See our national and international excavation program from the Met's founding to the present.


The Met hosts students, scholars, and museum professionals so that they can learn from our staff and pursue independent research in the context of the Met's exceptional resources and facilities. See the activities of our current national and international fellows.

Exchanges & Collaborations

The Met's work takes many forms, from participation in exchange programs at partnering institutions and worldwide symposia to advising on a range of museum issues. These activities contribute to our commitment to advancing the work of the larger, global community of art museums. See our national and international exchange program and other collaborations from 2009 to the present.

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Current Traveling Works of Art
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Earth, Sea, and Sky: Nature in Western Art—Masterpieces from The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum


October 6, 2012–January 4, 2013

National Museum of China, Beijing


February 8–May 9, 2013

  • Tile panel

    second half 16th century

    Turkey, Iznik

    Gift of J. Pierpont Morgan, 1917 (17.190.2086)

  • Lake Nemi and Genzano from the Terrace of the Capuchin Monastery


    Richard Wilson (Welsh)

    Gift of George A. Hearn, 1905 (05.32.3)

  • Wooded Upland Landscape

    probably 1783

    Thomas Gainsborough (English)

    Gift of George A. Hearn, 1906 (06.1279)

  • Allegory of Winter

    Jacques de La Joue the Younger (French)

    Gift of J. Pierpont Morgan, 1906 (07.225.258)

  • Bridge over a Cascade

    Hubert Robert (French)

    Gift of J. Pierpont Morgan, 1906 (07.225.264a)

  • Bronze statuette of a panther

    1st–2nd century A.D.


    Rogers Fund, 1907 (07.261)

  • Merced River, Yosemite Valley


    Albert Bierstadt (American)

    Gift of the sons of William Paton, 1909 (09.214.1)

  • Moonlight, Wood Island Light


    Winslow Homer (American)

    Gift of George A. Hearn, in memory of Arthur Hoppock Hearn, 1911 (11.116.2)

  • Landscape—Scene from "Thanatopsis"


    Asher Brown Durand (American)

    Gift of J. Pierpont Morgan, 1911 (11.156)

  • Plate

    ca. 1500–1525

    Italian or Portuguese

    Rogers Fund, 1912 (12.124.1)

  • Folio from a Dispersed Nuzhatnama

    early 17th century

    Shahmardan ibn Abi'l-Khair Razi (Iran)

    Rogers Fund, 1913 (13.160.8)

  • Pushing for Rail


    Thomas Eakins (American)

    Arthur Hoppock Hearn Fund, 1916 (16.65)

  • Eucharistic Dove

    ca. 1215–35


    Gift of J. Pierpont Morgan, 1917 (17.190.344)

  • Cup, Standing

    late 16th century, shell and mount 19th century

    Casper Bendel (German)

    Gift of J. Pierpont Morgan, 1917 (17.190.600)

  • Lectern for the Reading of the Gospels with the Eagle of Saint John the Evangelist

    ca. 1301, with later additions


    Rogers Fund, 1918 (18.70.28)

  • Table carpet with unicorns

    ca. 1600


    Gift of P. A. B. Widener, 1970 (1970.250)

  • Pyx

    ca. 950–75


    The Cloisters Collection, 1970 (1970.324.5)

  • Punch Bowl


    Gorham Manufacturing Company (American)

    Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Hugh J. Grant, 1974 (1974.214.27)

  • Plate (tagliere)


    Francesco Xanto Avelli da Rovigo (Italian)

    Robert Lehman Collection, 1975 (1975.1.1133)

  • Pines Along the Shore


    Henri-Edmond Cross (Henri-Edmond Delacroix) (French)

    Robert Lehman Collection, 1975 (1975.1.164)

  • Tahitian Women Bathing


    Paul Gauguin (French)

    Robert Lehman Collection, 1975 (1975.1.179)

  • Figures on the Beach


    Auguste Renoir (French)

    Robert Lehman Collection, 1975 (1975.1.198)

  • Versailles


    Auguste Renoir (French)

    Robert Lehman Collection, 1975 (1975.1.202)

  • Sunlight on Water


    Maurice de Vlaminck (French)

    Robert Lehman .Collection, 1975 (1975.1.220)

  • The Temptation of Saint Anthony

    ca. 1550–60

    Workshop of Herri met de Bles (Netherlandish)

    Bequest of Harry G. Sperling, 1971 (1976.100.1)

  • Brig on the Water


    Gustave Le Gray (French)

    Gift of A. Hyatt Mayor, 1976 (1976.645.1)

  • Eagle Owl

    ca. 1735

    Meissen Manufactory (German)

    Bequest of R. Thornton Wilson, in memory of his wife, Florence Ellsworth Wilson, 1977 (1977.216.9)

  • Peach Blossoms—Villiers-le-Bel


    Childe Hassam (American)

    Gift of Mrs. J. Augustus Barnard, 1979 (1979.490.9)

  • The Third Duke of Dorset's Hunter with a Groom and a Dog


    George Stubbs (English)

    Bequest of Mrs. Paul Moore, 1980 (1980.468)

  • King's Cookham Rise


    Stanley Spencer (British)

    Purchase, Lila Acheson Wallace Gift, 1981 (1981.193)

    © 2011 Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York

  • "Ombellifères" (cow parsley) Cabinet

    ca. 1900

    Emile Gallé (French)

    Anonymous Gift, 1982 (1982.246)

  • Vase


    Manufactured by Tiffany & Co. (American)

    Purchase, Mr. and Mrs. H. O. H. Frelinghuysen Gift, 1982 (1982.349)

  • Tiger Attacking an Antelope (Tigre suprenant une antilope)

    19th century (possibly modeled about 1835; cast in bronze after 1855)

    Antoine-Louis Barye (French)

    Gift of Maria A. S. de Reinis, 1982 (1982.452)

  • Ripe barley

    ca. 1353–1336 B.C.


    Gift of Norbert Schimmel, 1985 (1985.328.24)

  • A Classical Landscape

    probably 1660s

    Sébastien Bourdon (French)

    Gift of Atwood A. Allaire, Pamela Askew, and Phoebe A. DesMarais, in memory of their mother, Constance Askew, 1985 (1985.90)

  • Gable and Apples


    Alfred Stieglitz (American)

    Ford Motor Company Collection, Gift of Ford Motor Company and John C. Waddell, 1987 (1987.1100.103)

    © 2011 Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York

  • Göhnender Pavian

    ca. 1928

    Albert Renger-Patzsch (German)

    Ford Motor Company Collection, Gift of Ford Motor Company and John C. Waddell, 1987 (1987.1100.114)

    © 2011 Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York

  • Evening in Kew Gardens


    Bill Brandt (English, born Germany)

    Gift of Edwynn Houk Gallery, 1987 (1987.1155.1)

  • [Flower Study, Rose of Sharon]

    ca. 1854

    Adolphe Braun (French)

    Gift of Gilman Paper Company, in memory of Samuel J. Wagstaff Jr., 1987 (1987.1161)

  • Vase

    ca. 1902–18

    Louis Comfort Tiffany (American)

    Gift of Mr. and Mrs. David G. Martin, 1987 (1987.140)

  • Weight in shape of frog

    ca. 2000–1600 B.C.


    Purchase, Leon Levy and Shelby White Gift, Rogers Fund and Nathaniel Spear Jr. Gift, 1988 (1988.301)

  • Roundel with Three Apes Building a Trestle Table



    The Cloisters Collection, 1990 (1990.119.3)

  • An Incident of Whaling

    William Bradford (American)

    Bequest of DeLancey Thorn Grant, in memory of her mother, Louise Floyd-Jones Thorn, 1990 (1990.197.1)

  • Hibiscus and Parrots

    ca. 1910–20

    Louis Comfort Tiffany (American)

    Gift of Earl and Lucille Sydnor, 1990 (1990.315)

  • Aeneas and the Sibyl in the Underworld


    Jan Brueghel the Younger (Flemish)

    Gift of Mrs. Erna S. Blade, in memory of her uncle, Sigmund Herrmann, 1991 (1991.444)

  • Mt. Katahdin, Maine, No. 2


    Marsden Hartley (American)

    Edith and Milton Lowenthal Collection, Bequest of Edith Abrahamson Lowenthal, 1991 (1992.24.3)

  • Boden Sea, Uttwil


    Hiroshi Sugimoto (Japanese)

    The Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation Fund, through Joyce and Robert Menschel, 1994 (1994.144.8)

    © Hiroshi Sugimoto

  • Aquamanile in the form of a Lion

    ca. 1400


    The Cloisters Collection, 1994 (1994.244)

  • View of Ornans

    probably mid-1850s

    Gustave Courbet (French)

    Bequest of Alice Tully, 1993 (1995.537)

  • Summertime


    Balthus (Balthazar Klossowski) (French)

    Purchase, Gift of Himan Brown, by exchange, 1996 (1996.176)

    © 2011 Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York

  • Head of a Hippopotamus

    ca. 1390–1352 B.C.


    Purchase, Harris Brisbane Dick Fund, Lila Acheson Wallace Gift, Gift of Henry Walters, by exchange, Ludlow Bull Fund, Beatrice Cooper Gift, and funds from various donors, 1997 (1997.375)

  • The Fairy Tree at Colinton


    David Octavius Hill (Scottish)

    The Rubel Collection, Purchase, Ann Tenenbaum and Thomas H. Lee and Lila Acheson Wallace Gifts, 1997 (1997.382.29)

  • Panel with Hunting Scenes

    ca. 1350


    The Cloisters Collection, 2003 (2003.131.2)

  • Cypress in Spring

    ca. 1910–29

    Attributed to Anna Frances Simpson (American)

    Purchase, Barrie A. and Deedee Wigmore Foundation Gift, 2004 (2004.334)

  • Multnomah Falls, Oregon

    1867, printed later

    Carleton E. Watkins (American)

    Gilman Collection, Gift of The Howard Gilman Foundation, 2005 (2005.100.174)

  • Blumenbachia hieronymi


    Karl Blossfeldt (German)

    Gilman Collection, Purchase, Denise and Andrew Saul Gift, 2005 (2005.100.299)

  • Le Moine

    ca. 1861

    Édouard Baldus (French)

    Gilman Collection, Gift of The Howard Gilman Foundation, 2005 (2005.100.364.64)

  • Etang, Ville-d'Avray


    Eugène Atget (French)

    Gilman Collection, Purchase, Ann Tenenbaum and Thomas H. Lee Gift, 2005 (2005.100.435)

  • Iris D'Eau


    Félix Aubert (French)

    Purchase, Friends of European Sculpture and Decorative Arts Gifts and funds from various donors, 2005 (2005.33)

  • Monumental Vase


    Georges Hoentschel (French)

    Purchase, Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Foundation Gift, 2007 (2007.27)

  • Rockwood, Tarrytown, New York


    Lee Friedlander (American)

    Purchase, Vital Projects Fund Inc. Gift, through Joyce and Robert Menschel, 2008 (2008.159)

  • Charger


    John Bennett (American)

    Purchase, Barrie A. and Deedee Wigmore Foundation Gift, 2008 (2008.176)

  • Floral Applique Quilt

    ca. 1850

    Emeline Travis Ludington (American)

    Purchase, William Cullen Bryant Fellows Gifts, 2008 (2008.595)

  • The Trout Pool


    Worthington Whittredge (American)

    Gift of Colonel Charles A. Fowler, 1921 (21.115.4)

  • Bronze horse

    8th century B.C.


    Rogers Fund, 1921 (21.88.24)

  • Sallet in the Shape of a Lion's Head

    about 1460


    Harris Brisbane Dick Fund, 1923 (23.141)

  • Terracotta vase in the form of a lobster claw

    ca. 460 B.C.

    Attributed to the Class of Seven Lobster-Claws

    Greek, Attic

    Rogers Fund, 1923 (23.160.57)

  • Greenery


    John Henry Dearle (English)

    Purchase, Edward C. Moore Jr. Gift, 1923 (23.200a)

  • The Weeders


    Jules Breton (French)

    Bequest of Collis P. Huntington, 1900 (25.110.66)

  • Toad with a Young Toad on its Back

    ca. 1500

    probably Italian (Padua)

    Gift of Ogden Mills, 1925 (25.142.24)

  • The Fleet of Aeneas Arrives in Sight of Italy

    ca. 1530–35

    Master of the Aeneid (French)

    Gift of J. Pierpont Morgan, 1925 (25.40.2)

  • Flora

    ca. 1654

    Rembrandt (Rembrandt van Rijn) (Dutch)

    Gift of Archer M. Huntington, in memory of his father, Collis Potter Huntington, 1926 (26.101.10)

  • Bronze bow fibula (safety pin) with four ducks

    ca. 900 B.C.


    Fletcher Fund, 1926 (26.60.87)

  • Whip Handle in the Shape of a Horse

    ca. 1390–1353 B.C.


    Purchase, Edward S. Harkness Gift, 1926 (26.7.1293)

  • Inlay Depicting "Horus of Gold"

    4th century B.C.


    Purchase, Edward S. Harkness Gift, 1926 (26.7.996)

  • The Three Ages of Man

    Dosso Dossi (Giovanni de Lutero) (Italian)

    Maria DeWitt Jesup Fund, 1926 (26.83)

  • Christ Asleep during the Tempest

    ca. 1853

    Eugène Delacroix (French)

    H. O. Havemeyer Collection, Bequest of Mrs. H. O. Havemeyer, 1929 (29.100.131)

  • The Gulf of Marseilles Seen from L'Estaque

    ca. 1885

    Paul Cézanne (French)

    H. O. Havemeyer Collection, Bequest of Mrs. H. O. Havemeyer, 1929 (29.100.67)

  • Charger


    William De Morgan (British)

    Anonymous Gift, 1929 (29.32)

  • Polar Bear

    ca. 1923

    François Pompon (French)

    Purchase, Edward C. Moore Jr. Gift, 1930 (30.123ab)

  • Grainfields

    mid- or late 1660s

    Jacob van Ruisdael (Dutch)

    The Friedsam Collection, Bequest of Michael Friedsam, 1931 (32.100.14)

  • Roundel with Wild Man Supporting a Heraldic Shield


    South Netherlandish

    The Cloisters Collection, 1932 (32.24.28)

  • The Big White Cloud, Lake George

    1903, printed 1904

    Edward J. Steichen (American, born Luxembourg)

    Alfred Stieglitz Collection, 1933 (33.43.47)

  • Bandits on a Rocky Coast


    Salvator Rosa (Italian)

    Charles B. Curtis Fund, 1934 (34.137)

  • God Horus Protecting King Nectanebo II

    360–343 B.C.

    Egypt, Memphite Region, Heliopolis (Ain Shams)

    Rogers Fund, 1934 (34.2.1)

  • The Banks of the Bièvre near Bicêtre

    Henri Rousseau (le Douanier) (French)

    Gift of Marshall Field, 1939 (39.15)

  • The Finding of Moses

    Jacopo Tintoretto (Jacopo Robusti) (Italian)

    Gwynne Andrews Fund, 1939 (39.55)

  • Adam and Eve Making Garments of Leaves; God Admonishing Adam and Eve for their Transgression

    late 16th century

    Scottish or English

    Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Luke Vincent Lockwood, 1940 (40.178)

  • The Dispatch of the Messenger


    François Boucher (French)

    Gift of Mrs. Joseph Heine, in memory of her husband, I. D. Levy, 1944 (44.141)

  • "The Tortoise", Folio from an `Aja'ib al-Makhluqat (Wonders of Creation) of Qazwini

    second half 16th century

    Zakaria bin Muhammad bin Mahmud Abu Yahya Qazwini

    Iran, Khurasan

    Bequest of George D. Pratt, 1945 (45.174.17)

  • Embroidered Picture

    ca. 1754

    Mary Wright (American)

    Rogers Fund, 1946 (46.155)

  • Bull's head ornament for a lyre

    ca. 2600–2350 B.C.


    Fletcher Fund, 1947 (47.100.81)

  • Falcon

    ca. 1200–1220

    South Italian

    The Cloisters Collection, 1947 (47.101.60)

  • Sunrise

    possibly 1646–47

    Claude Lorrain (Claude Gellée) (French)

    Fletcher Fund, 1947 (47.12)

  • Pelvis II


    Georgia O'Keeffe (American)

    George A. Hearn Fund, 1947 (47.19)

  • Scenes from the Life of Saint John the Baptist

    ca. 1515

    Master of James IV of Scotland

    Bequest of George D. Pratt, 1935 (48.149.16)

  • Cypresses


    Vincent van Gogh (Dutch)

    Rogers Fund, 1949 (49.30)

  • Capital with an Angel Emerging from a Cloud

    ca. 1150–1200


    The Cloisters Collection, 1949 (49.60.7)

  • Alpine Pool


    John Singer Sargent (American)

    Gift of Mrs. Francis Ormond, 1950 (50.130.15)

  • Woodland Road

    ca. 1670

    Meyndert Hobbema (Dutch)

    Bequest of Mary Stillman Harkness, 1950 (50.145.22)

  • Salisbury Cathedral from the Bishop's Grounds

    ca. 1825

    John Constable (English)

    Bequest of Mary Stillman Harkness, 1950 (50.145.8)

  • Vase

    ca. 1909

    Louis Comfort Tiffany (American)

    Gift of Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation, 1951 (51.121.22)

  • The Manneporte (Étretat)


    Claude Monet (French)

    Bequest of William Church Osborn, 1951 (51.30.5)

  • Terracotta stirrup jar with octopus

    ca. 1200–1100 B.C.

    Helladic, Mycenaean

    Purchase, Louise Eldridge McBurney Gift, 1953 (53.11.6)

  • Platter

    last quarter 16th century

    School of Bernard Palissy (French)

    Gift of Julia A. Berwind, 1953 (53.225.52)

  • Sunrise


    George Inness (American)

    Anonymous Gift, in memory of Emil Thiele, 1954 (54.156)

  • Vessel terminating in the head of a ram

    ca. 7th–6th century B.C.

    Northwestern Iran

    Harris Brisbane Dick Fund, 1955 (55.10)

  • Cat Statuette

    332–30 B.C.


    Harris Brisbane Dick Fund, 1956 (56.16.1)

  • Dish with Lion

    ca. 1500


    The Cloisters Collection, 1956 (56.171.155)

  • Venice: Santa Maria della Salute

    Canaletto (Giovanni Antonio Canal) (Italian)

    Purchase, George T. Delacorte Jr. Gift, 1959 (59.38)

  • Haystacks: Autumn

    ca. 1874

    Jean-François Millet (French)

    Bequest of Lillian S. Timken, 1959 (60.71.12)

  • Hooked Rug

    ca. 1860

    Lucy Trask Barnard (American)

    Sansbury-Mills Fund, 1961 (61.47.3)

  • Vessel in the Shape of a Fish

    4th–6th century

    Roman or Byzantine

    Fletcher Fund, 1962 (62.10.4)

  • The Falls of Niagara

    ca. 1825

    Edward Hicks (American)

    Gift of Edgar William and Bernice Chrysler Garbisch, 1962 (62.256.3)

  • The Lighthouse at Two Lights


    Edward Hopper (American)

    Hugo Kastor Fund, 1962 (62.95)

  • Planisperic Astrolabe

    dated A.H. 1065/ A.D. 1654–55

    Muhammad Zaman al-Munajjim al-Asturlabi

    Harris Brisbane Dick Fund, 1963 (63.166a–j)

  • Rearing Horse

    ca. 1500

    Possibly by Severo Calzetta da Ravenna (Italian)

    Gift of Irwin Untermyer, 1964 (64.101.1413)

  • First Steps, after Millet


    Vincent van Gogh (Dutch)

    Gift of George N. and Helen M. Richard, 1964 (64.165.2)

  • Bouquet in a Chinese Vase

    ca. 1912–14

    Odilon Redon (French)

    The Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ittleson Jr. Purchase Fund, 1964 (64.266)

  • Vessel in the Shape of a Bear

    3rd–4th century

    Roman or Byzantine

    Edith Perry Chapman Fund, 1966 (66.18)

  • Tray


    Tiffany & Co. (American)

    Rogers Fund, 1966 (66.52.2)

  • Shepherd and Shepherdess Making Music

    ca. 1500–1530

    South Netherlandish

    Bequest of Susan Vanderpoel Clark, 1967 (67.155.8)

  • Terracotta lekanis (dish)

    late 4th century B.C.

    Attributed to the Stuttgart Group

    Greek, South Italian, Apulian

    Rogers Fund, 1969 (69.11.8)

  • Wardrobe


    Herter Brothers (American)

    Gift of Kenneth O. Smith, 1969 (69.140)

  • Bowl


    Kataro Shirayamadani (American)

    Purchase, The Edgar J. Kaufmann Foundation Gift, 1969 (69.37.3)

  • A Partridge and Small Game Birds


    Jan Fyt (Flemish)

    Purchase, 1871 (71.45)

  • Midas Washing at the Source of the Pactolus

    ca. 1627

    Nicolas Poussin (French)

    Purchase, 1871 (71.56)

  • Sunset on the Sea


    John Frederick Kensett (American)

    Gift of Thomas Kensett, 1874 (74.3)

  • Limestone head of a youth with wreath

    mid–5th century B.C.


    The Cesnola Collection, Purchased by subscription, 1874–76 (74.51.2826)

  • A Bouquet of Flowers in a Crystal Vase


    Nicolaes van Veerendael (Flemish)

    Bequest of Stephen Whitney Phoenix, 1881 (81.1.652)

  • Tray


    Egypt or Syria

    Edward C. Moore Collection, Bequest of Edward C. Moore, 1891 (91.1.603)

  • View on the Catskill—Early Autumn


    Thomas Cole (American)

    Gift in memory of Jonathan Sturges by his children, 1895 (95.13.3)

  • Venice, from the Porch of Madonna della Salute

    ca. 1835

    Joseph Mallord William Turner (English)

    Bequest of Cornelius Vanderbilt, 1899 (99.31)

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