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From $80 to $600

Members help us bring life to art, and art to lives. That's why Members get special treatment. Members receive free, express admission and complimentary guest passes to share the Museum with others. They also get exclusive access to the Museum for new exhibitions, special Members-only hours, and invitations to celebrations throughout the year.

Join today and be a part of what makes The Met so extraordinary.

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From $1,500 to $25,000+

At The Met, we believe that patrons of the arts are as valuable as the art itself. Without Patrons, we would not be able to provide educational programs, create unparalleled exhibitions, or ensure that everyone can appreciate what the Museum has to offer.

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The Apollo Circle: From $1,200 to $3,500

The Apollo Circle is a community of young supporters of The Met interested in establishing a deeper connection with the Museum. Members enjoy insider access to the Museum's exhibitions and collection through a curated series of social and educational events throughout the year. Dues and donations from The Apollo Circle support conservation and scholarly research at The Met.

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