Video clip of technique

After this "shot" or passage of weft yarn has been packed tightly, the alternate treadle is pushed to the floor, opening a second shed in the warp. Again, the weaver refers to the cartoon, isolates a bit of the raised warp with her hand, and inserts the bobbin, scrolling off the weft loosely and packing it down tightly. Loose ends are left hanging on the back of the loom. When the tapestry is removed from the loom, these ends can be woven back into the web or covered with a lining.

As the tapestry comes to life under the weaver's hands, she will occasionally stop and disengage the gears that hold the warp tightly between the beams, winding the finished web around the front or cloth beam, and bringing forward the warp from the back or warp beam. Then she will tighten the warp and continue. During this labor-intensive process, she often will weave an area about the size of her hand in one day. More than one person could weave on this loom at a time by adding another pair of treadles and tying them to the harnesses at a different point along the front of the loom. That way, each weaver could independently operate only her own section of harnesses.

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