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What's New in Met Media

We have quite a few new items in Met Media this week, including videos of several symposia. The Discoveries symposium, held in conjunction with the opening of the New Galleries for the Art of the Arab Lands, Turkey, Iran, Central Asia, and Later South Asia, featured scholarship focused on works on paper, textiles, the Damascus Room, the city of Nishapur, and stucco and ceramic figures.

Discoveries: New Research on the Collections of the Department of Islamic Art at the Metropolitan Museum, part one of six

A symposium dedicated to the early works of Michelangelo coincided with the French Republic's loan to the Museum of the Young Archer.

Michelangelo and His World in the 1490s, part one of seventeen

In a Sunday at the Met lecture entitled Ashkelon: Seaport of the Philistines, Lawrence E. Stager explored the home of an ancient marketplace that linked land routes to the Mediterranean.

Ashkelon: Seaport of the Philistines

On a lighter note, the Young Member's Party took place on July 12. Featuring a live performance by electronic pop duo The Knocks, the party gave young members a chance to view Schiaparelli and Prada: Impossible Conversations and Tomás Saraceno on the Roof: Cloud City.

Young Members Party 2012. Music by The Knocks

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