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Current and Former Fellows

Leaders, innovators, teachers. The Met Fellowship program has nurtured over 1,400 individuals since 1951. Alumni of the program have become professors, curators, conservators, educators, deans, directors, and leaders in their fields. Their research has embraced the breadth of The Met collection: over 5,000 years of art from around the world and presented for everyone to enjoy.

Learn more about the work of some of our fellows in the current issue of The Met Fellowship Program Newsletter.

Explore the geographic reach of the fellows' research as well as the Museum's international relationships in The Met Around the World.

See further details regarding current fellows' research (PDF).

Fellows in Art History

Arts of Africa, Oceania, and the Americas
Joshua Cohen
Caitlin Earley
Sergio Jarillo de la Torre

American Wing
Emily Casey
Julia McHugh

Ancient Near Eastern Art
Lamia al-Gailani Werr
Haider Almamori
Anastasia Amrhein
Nancy Highcock
Miriam Said

Arms and Armor
Marina Viallon

Asian Art
Amy Huang
Ja Won Lee
Elizabeth Tinsley

Drawings and Prints
Devon Baker
Mauro Mussolin
Sarah Ubassy-Catala

European Paintings
Daniella Berman
Nenagh Hathaway
Rozemarijn Landsman
Mattia Vinco
Aaron Wile

European Sculpture and Decorative Arts
Noam Andrews
Elyse Nelson
Tara Zanardi

Greek and Roman Art
Sean Burrus

Islamic Art
Alzahraa Khallaf Ahmed
Murad Mumtaz
Melis Taner

Medieval Art and The Cloisters
Douglas Brine
Brad Hostetler
Manlio Leo Mezzacasa
Marcus Pilz

Modern and Contemporary Art
Niels Henriksen
Frances Jacobus-Parker
Lucy Mensah

Modern and Contemporary Art & Education
Jonah Westerman

Modern and Contemporary Art—Leonard A. Lauder Research Center For Modern Art
Rachel Boate
Samuel Johnson
Anna Jozefacka

Solveig Nelson

The Robert Lehman Collection
Fausto Nicolai

Postdoctoral Fellows in Curatorial Practice

Ancient Near East
Caitlin Chaves-Yates

Arts of Africa, Oceania, and the Americas
Bryan Cockrell
Giulia Paoletti

Modern and Contemporary Art
Katharine Wright

Laetitita Barrere

Fellows in Conservation and Scientific Research

Costume Institute Conservation
Leanne Tonkin

Objects Conservation
Cathy Silverman
Tong Tong

Paintings Conservation
Jose Luis Lazarte Luna

Photograph Conservation
Elsa Thyss

Scientific Research
Clara Granzotto
Andrea Schlather
Louisa Smieska
Stephanie Zaleski

Textile Conservation
Maria Gertrudis Jaen

Fellow in Museum Education and Public Practice, Education
Rosanna Raymond

External Long-Term Fellowships Hosted at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Asian Art
Marimi Tateno
Qiu Zhongming

See further details regarding former fellows' research (PDF).

We invite former fellows to use the Fellows Directory (PDF) to connect with other alumni of the Fellowship Program. Please note that the directory is password protected. If you are a former fellow and do not have access, contact us.