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Related Digital Content

From blog articles to an immersive, 360-degree view of the Temple of Dendur in The Sackler Wing, view an array of rich digital content related to the Museum's beloved Egyptian icon.

The Met 360° Project: The Temple of Dendur

Read more about the creation of this 360-degree video experience in a Digital Underground article written by series producer Nina Diamond.

Color the Temple: Using Projected Light to Restore Color

Gallery view of a vibrant scene projected on a wall of The Temple of Dendur

In this Digital Underground article, a former MediaLab intern and a former Chester Dale Fellow outline their digital project that restored color on one wall of the Temple of Dendur.

In honor of the temple's 50th anniversary at The Met, visitors can view Color the Temple every day from April 1 through April 23, 2017.

Time-lapse video of Color the Temple by Thomas Ling

The Memory Palace—Episode 5: Temple

As the MetLiveArts artist in residence, master storyteller Nate DiMeo—whose popular podcast, The Memory Palace, paints vivid, poetic pictures of moments in American history—will animate The Met throughout the 2016–17 season, interrogating the collection to draw out the revealing secrets and stories of the art. In this episode, DiMeo traces the history of the Temple of Dendur and highlights some of the many characters involved in bringing the Egyptian icon to The Met.

Written and produced by Nate DiMeo, with engineering assistance from Elyssa Dudley and research assistance from Andrea Milne. Its executive producer is Limor Tomer, general manager of Live Arts, The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History

In the center is an Egyptian temple as installed in The Met, with a bust of Emperor Augustus on either side

Learn about the Temple of Dendur's place in both art and cultural history through this collection of essays and a chronology.

"Roman Egypt"
"Art of the Roman Provinces, 1–500 A.D."

Egypt, 1–500 A.D.


An illustration for children showing an Egyptian temple inside The MetKids between the ages of 7 and 12 can learn about the temple with content created just for them!

See the Temple of Dendur on the #MetKids map. Find a fun fact. Hear kids ask an Egyptologist questions about the temple. Make art inspired by this monument.

On the #MetKids Blog, a member of the Museum's Education Department writes about the stories that the walls of the Temple of Dendur illustrate.

In the #MetKids Q&A video below, watch Tobias, age 9, discover how the Temple of Dendur and other artworks were very carefully moved to where they now stand at The Met.

Family Guide: Explore the Temple of Dendur

Explore the Temple of Dendur | Family Guide coverDiscover the only ancient Egyptian temple in the United States! Use this guide to find out who built it and how it got here. Look closely at the temple and talk about what you see, think, and imagine with family and friends.

Download this family guide (PDF).



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