Audio Guide for Kids

Family Audio Guide

Ideal for children six through twelve years of age and their families, specially designed messages are available throughout the Museum.

Listen to a sample from the family audio guide.


Kids: …  Whoa, look at that. …It's really pretty! …Gosh, it's so beautiful. … This really is beautiful. … … It's just like Egypt. Isn't this so awesome?

Jo Loh: Hi! I'm Jo, and I work here at the Museum. Why don't you join me and our Egyptian Gallery Explorers? We're going to explore the Temple of Dendur with Isabel, the Egyptologist; she's a curator here at the Museum.

Kids: Wow!

Abeyaz: How did you find this temple? Where was this in Egypt?

Isabel Stuenkel: This building is called the Temple of Dendur. Dendur is the modern name of the place where it once stood in the very south of Egypt, in a region called Nubia.

Jo Loh:In the 1960s, the temple was taken apart and moved from the area to save it.  It, and a lot of other ancient monuments, were going completely disappear under water when a new dam was built. Lots of countries helped to rescue these monuments, and as a thank you, Egypt gave this small temple as a gift to the United States.

Maria: How old is this artifact?

Isabel Stuenkel: The temple is over two thousand years old. It comes from a time when the Romans ruled over Egypt and it was built by the Roman Emperor Augustus in 15 B.C.

Masato: It has lots of hieroglyphs carved on it. And it has lots of pictures to tell, like, some kind of story, I think.

Marco: Could you tell us part of the story?

Jo Loh: Let's just come up to one of the walls now and take a look at some of the pictures.

Isabel Stuenkel: And if you look at all the images on the walls, you actually see what is happening inside the temple.

Jo Loh: Now walk up the first small staircase. Find a good place to stand so that you can see the images on the long wall of the temple. Then, press PLAY to hear more.

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