Highlights Tour: New and Familiar Masterpieces

The Museum's permanent collection includes iconic works of art as well as some unexpected objects and places. Capturing the Museum's depth and breadth, this itinerary will lead you through galleries that range from quietly intimate and personal to dramatic and awe inspiring.

Tour stops (8)

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    Gubbio Studiolo

    Designed by Francesco di Giorgio Martini (Italian, Siena 1439–1501 Siena)

    Date: ca. 1478–82
    Accession Number: 39.153

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    Arms and Armor Gallery

    The Emma and Georgina Bloomberg Arms and Armor Court offers the most extensive selection in the United States of rare and finely made sixteenth- and seventeenth-century European armor for men and horses, created for kings and noblemen to use on the battlefield and in tournaments.

    The gallery features a group of elaborately decorated Greenwich armors, from the English Royal workshops founded by King Henry VIII, and one of Henry's personal armors, made in Italy and worn by the king in his last campaign against the French at Calais in 1544.

  3. 3

    The Temple of Dendur

    Date: completed by 10 B.C.
    Accession Number: 68.154

  4. 4

    Bernard van Orley, Last Supper

    Designed by Bernard van Orley (Netherlandish, Brussels ca. 1492–1541/42 Brussels)

    Date: ca. 1524–46 (design), ca. 1525–28 (woven)
    Accession Number: 1975.1.1915

  5. 5

    Vermeer, Young Woman with a Water Pitcher

    Johannes Vermeer (Dutch, Delft 1632–1675 Delft)

    Date: ca. 1662
    Accession Number: 89.15.21

  6. 6

    Female Dancer, Han Dynasty

    Date: 2nd century B.C.
    Accession Number: 1992.165.19

  7. 7

    Van Gogh, Wheatfield with Cypresses

    Vincent van Gogh (Dutch, Zundert 1853–1890 Auvers-sur-Oise)

    Date: 1889
    Accession Number: 1993.132

  8. 8

    Asmat Canoe

    Chief Chinasapitch

    Date: 1961
    Accession Number: 1978.412.1134

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