Terracotta jug

Period: Cypro-Archaic I

Date: ca. 750–600 B.C.

Culture: Cypriot

Medium: Terracotta

Dimensions: H. 7 1/2 in. (19.1 cm)

Classification: Vases

Credit Line: The Cesnola Collection, Purchased by subscription, 1874–76

Accession Number: 74.51.532


The jug is decorated with a black wearing a tunic and carrying two spears. Blacks are represented in Phoenician art and in some bronze statuettes of the eighth and seventh centuries B.C. Moreover, the Greek historian Herodotus mentions Ethiopians in connection with Cyprus; it is possible that during Egyptian rule of the island (ca. 570–526/5 B.C.) Ethiopians settled there.