Statuette of Anubis

Period: Ptolemaic Period

Date: 332–30 B.C.

Geography: From Egypt

Medium: Plastered and painted wood

Dimensions: H. 42.3 cm (16 5/8 in.); W. 10.1 cm (4 in.); D. 20.7 cm (8 1/8 in.)

Credit Line: Gift of Mrs. Myron C. Taylor, 1938

Accession Number: 38.5


This wooden figure represents the god Anubis with a canid head on a human body, wearing the feathered costume of Egyptian deities. In this pose -- hands raised, palms downward -- the god performed purification and transfiguration rites over a mummy. During the actual mummification process, a priest wearing a canid mask played the role of Anubis.