Ramesses III and Prince Amenherkhepeshef before Hathor

Artist: Nina de Garis Davies (1881–1965)

Period: New Kingdom, Ramesside

Dynasty: Dynasty 20

Reign: reign of Ramesses III

Date: Original ca. 1184–1153 B.C.

Geography: Original from Egypt, Upper Egypt, Thebes, Valley of the Queens, Tomb of Amenherkhepeshef (QV 55), MMA graphic expedition 1933

Medium: Paper, tempera paint, ink

Dimensions: facsimile: h. 94.5 cm (37 3/16 in); w. 64.5 cm (25 3/8 in)
scale about 2:5
framed: h. 87.3 cm (34 3/8 in); w. 67.3 cm (26 1/2 in)

Credit Line: Rogers Fund, 1933

Accession Number: 33.8.7


Ramesses III, second king of Dynasty 20, was the last great ruler of the New Kingdom. Three times during his reign, he successfully repelled invasions by the Sea Peoples and Libyans, who had first tried to invade Egypt during the reign of Ramesses II. These wars brought considerable wealth to Egypt and many new temples were built. The king constructed a huge and still well-preserved mortuary temple for himself at Medinet Habu in Thebes, as well as adding the temple of Khonsu to the Amun Temple complex at Karnak.

This copy of a painting from the tomb of his son Amenherkhepeshef in the Valley of the Queens shows the king and his son, who wears the sidelock of youth, with the goddess Hathor. The king wears an elaborate garment with a feather pattern and long sashes. Three of his sons, all named Ramesses, succeeded him as pharaoh.