Maker: Newcomb Pottery (1894–1940)

Decorator: Leona Nicholson (1875–1966)

Date: 1908

Geography: Made in New Orleans, Louisiana, United States

Culture: American

Medium: Painted and glazed earthenware

Dimensions: H. 5 1/4 in. (13.3 cm)

Classification: Ceramics

Credit Line: Purchase, Mr. and Mrs. David Lubart Gift, in memory of Katherine J. Lubart, 1944–1975, 1983

Accession Number: 1983.26


At Newcomb Pottery, men fired the pottery, producing blanks for women to decorate. Newcomb Pottery did not strive to create new shapes, choosing instead to focus on decoration to enliven conventional forms. The decorator of this tyg, Leona Nicholson, graduated with a diploma in art in 1901 from Newcomb College, where she worked sporadically at the pottery for nearly thirty years. This tyg, a three handled-cup, employs the hallmark Newcomb color palette of shades of blue and green, with the unusual addition of yellow. Below the incised iris decoration is a band, recalling stylized script of the English Arts and Crafts, that reads: FEBRUARY.TWENTY.SEVEN.NINETEEN.HUNDRED AND EIGHT.F.A.M.JR. This tyg was created as a wedding gift; the recipients, Jules Blanc Monroe and May Logan Monroe, were married in New Orleans on February 27, 1908.