Flintlock Gun of Louis XIII (1601–1643), King of France

Gunsmith: Pierre Le Bourgeois (French, Lisieux, died 1627)

Gunsmith: Marin Le Bourgeois (French, Lisieux, ca. 1550–1634)

Date: ca. 1620

Geography: Lisieux

Culture: French, Lisieux

Medium: Steel, brass, silver, gold, wood (walnut), mother-of-pearl

Dimensions: L. 55 5/16 in. (140.5 cm); Cal. .59 in. (55 mm); L. of barrel 41 in. (104.1 cm); L. of lockplate 6 9/16 in. (16.7 cm); Wt. 5 lb. 11 oz. (2580 g)

Classification: Firearms-Guns-Flintlock

Credit Line: Rogers Fund and Harris Brisbane Dick Fund, 1972

Accession Number: 1972.223


This smoothbore hunting gun is one of the earliest firearms equipped with a flintlock of French construction. It was made for Louis XIII of France (r. 1610–43) in the workshop directed by Pierre Le Bourgeois's brother Marin (ca. 1550–1634), to whom the invention of the flintlock mechanism is traditionally ascribed. The decoration of the gun includes the crowned monogram of the king.