Terracotta skyphos (drinking cup)

Period: Archaic

Date: 6th century B.C.

Culture: Lydian

Medium: Terracotta

Dimensions: H. 3 3/16 in. (8.1 cm)
diameter 3 7/8 in. (9.9 cm)

Classification: Vases

Credit Line: Gift of The American Society for the Exploration of Sardis, 1916

Accession Number: 16.75.14


This skyphos (drinking cup) from Sardis is decorated with geometric patterns, evidence that the Greek Geometric tradition persisted in Lydia at least as late as the sixth century B.C. Parallels with Greek art owe much to the location of Sardis on one of the great highways of antiquity, which ran from the Aegean coast across western Asia Minor and into Persia. Travelers and caravans, laden with riches of every description, must have passed through Sardis.