Armor (Gusoku)

Armorer: Helmet bowl signed Saotome Iyetada (Japanese, Edo period, active early–mid-19th century)

Armorer: Breastplate inscribed inside, Myōchin Munesuke (Japanese, Edo period, 1688–1735)

Date: 16th and 18th centuries

Culture: Japanese

Medium: Iron, lacquer, silk, gilt copper

Dimensions: H. 67 1/2 in. (171.5 cm)

Classification: Armor for Man

Credit Line: Gift of Bashford Dean, 1914

Accession Number: 14.100.172


This armor comes from the armory of Daté Yoshimura (1703–1746), daimyo of Sendai. The helmet bowl, signed Saotome Iye, dates from the sixteenth century; the remainder of the armor was constructed in the eighteenth century. The breastplate is inscribed inside with the armorer's name, Myochin Munesuke (1688–1735). The embossed ornament on the solid iron plates is characteristic of the Myochin school.