Terracotta kylix: eye-cup (drinking cup)

Period: Archaic

Date: ca. 530 B.C.

Culture: Greek, Attic

Medium: Terracotta; black-figure

Dimensions: H. 5 in. (12.7 cm)
diameter 11 7/8 in. (30.2 cm)

Classification: Vases

Credit Line: Rogers Fund, 1909

Accession Number: 09.221.39


In Greek mythology, Athens was once subject to King Minos of Crete and was obliged to send a yearly tribute of seven youths and seven maidens. They either lost their way in the king's labyrinthine palace or were consumed by the Minotaur, part man and part bull. With the help of Ariadne, Minos's daughter, Theseus killed the monstrous creature. The episode appears here with youths and maidens as spectators.