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Watteau, Jean Antoine

(French, 1684–1721)

Works of Art (13)

The Fair at Bezons, ca. 1733, Jean-Baptiste Joseph Pater (French), Oil on canvas (49.7.52)
Female bust, second quarter of 18th century, French, Gilt bronze (07.225.510.118)
The French Comedians, 1720–21, Jean Antoine Watteau (French), Oil on canvas (49.7.54)
Head of a Man, ca. 1718, Jean Antoine Watteau (French), French, Red and black chalk (37.165.107)
Italian Landscape with an Old Woman Holding a Spindle (after Domenico Campagnola), ca. 1715, Jean Antoine Watteau (French), Red chalk (1972.118.237)
L'Autonne, ca. 1715–16, Faissar, after Antoine Watteau (French, Etching and engraving (28.113 (2), pl.52)
Mezzetin, ca. 1718–20, Jean Antoine Watteau (French), Oil on canvas (34.138)
Recruits Going to Join the Regiment, 1715–16, Antoine Watteau (French), Etching, first state of three (2006.43)
Robe à l'anglaise, ca. 1770, American, Silk (C.I.37.66a,b)
Savoyarde, ca. 1715, Jean Antoine Watteau (French), Red and black chalk (1978.12.1)
Seated Woman, 1716–17, Jean Antoine Watteau (French), Black, red, and white chalk (1975.1.763)
Standing Nude Man Holding Bottles, ca. 1715–16, Jean Antoine Watteau (French), Red, black, and white chalk (1972.118.238)
Study of a Woman's Head and Hands, ca. 1717, Antoine Watteau (French), Red and white chalk and graphite on off-white laid paper (2012.150.1)