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Tall Vessel from North America

Vessel, Tall, North America

Works of Art (36)

The Adams Vase, 1893–95, Paulding Farnham (American), designer; Tiffany & Company (American), manufacturer and retailer, Gold, amethysts, quartzes, spessartites, tourmalines, freshwater pearls, enamel (04.1)
Beakers, ca. 1683 and 1711, Attributed to Jurian Blanck Jr. (American); Benjamin Wynkoop (American), New York City, Silver (33.120.621–.622)
Bottle, 13th–14th century, Caddoan peoples; Arkansas, Ceramic, traces of pigment (1978.412.85)
The Bryant Vase, 1875–76, James Horton Whitehouse (American, born England), designer; Tiffany & Company (American), manufacturer and retailer, Silver, gold (77.9a,b)
Centennial Vase, 1877, Made by Karl L. H. Müller (German); manufactured by Union Porcelain Works (American), Porcelain (1987.12)
Century Vase, ca. 1876, Designed by Karl L. H. Müller (German); manufactured by Union Porcelain Works (American), Porcelain (69.194.1)
Chocolate pot, 1700–1710, Edward Winslow (American), Made in New England, Boston, Massachusetts, Silver (33.120.221)
Coffeepot, ca. 1725–35, Charles Le Roux (American), Silver (1997.498.1)

Salver, ca. 1725–35, Charles Le Roux (American), Silver (1997.498.2)
Creampot, 1763, Benjamin Burt (American), Silver (33.120.295)
Ewer and plateau, 1901, Gorham Manufacturing Company (American, Silver (1974.214.26a,b)
Ewer, ca. 1825, Thomas Fletcher (American), Philadelphia, Silver (2007.25)
Hot-water urn, 1791, Paul Revere, Jr. (American), Maker, Made in Boston, Silver, ivory (1990.226 a-d)
The Magnolia Vase, ca. 1893, John T. Curran (American), designer; Tiffany & Company (American), manufacturer, Silver, gold, enamel, opals (99.2)
Pair of Altar Vases, 1915, Arthur J. Stone (American, born England, 1847–1938); Herbert Taylor (American, 1892–1942), Gardner, Massachusetts, Silver and gold (2011.347,.348)
Pair of beakers, ca. 1719, Moody Russell (American), Barnstable, Massachusetts, Silver (28.131.1,.2)
Pair of canns, 1783, Paul Revere, Jr. (American), Silver (58.3.5-.6)
Pair of vases, 1824 and 1825, Thomas Fletcher (American); Sidney Gardiner (American), Silver (1982.4a,b)
Pair of Vases, 1890–1900, Made by Frank Lloyd Wright (American), Copper (1985.212.1,2)
Pair of vases, ca. 1815–20, Marc Schoelcher (French), Paris, Porcelain (1999.191.1,.2)
Ruba Rombic vase, ca. 1928, Reuben Haley (American), Glass (1986.413.2)
Tankard, 1700–1710, Gerrit Onckelbag (American), Silver (33.120.517)
Tankard, ca. 1795, Paul Revere, Jr. (American), Silver (33.120.507)
Tea and coffee service, ca. 1800, Attributed to Christian Wiltberger (American), Silver (1980.503.1-4)
Tea caddy, 1725–40, Simeon Soumaine (American), Silver (64.249.5a,b)
Teakettle, 1710–20, Cornelius Kierstede (American), Silver (40.145a,b)
Teapot, 1700–1715, Jacob Boelen (American), Silver (61.246a,b)
Teapot, 1745–55, Josiah Austin (American), Silver (24.109.7)
Teapot, 1796, Paul Revere, Jr. (American), Silver (33.120.543)
Teapot, ca. 1782, Paul Revere, Jr. (American), Silver (69.147)
Vase, 1886–90, Made by the Faience Manufacturing Company, Painted and glazed earthenware with overglaze raised gold paste decoration (1991.58)
Vase, 1893–96, Designed by Louis Comfort Tiffany (American); Made by Tiffany Glass and Decorating Company , American; Made in Mid-Atlantic, Corona, New York, America, Favrile glass (96.17.10)
Vase, 1898, Louis Comfort Tiffany (American), Glazed porcelaneous earthenware (51.121.21)
Vase, 1899–1910, Grueby Faience Company (American), Boston, Massachusetts, Earthenware (69.91.2)
Vase, 1915, Sara Galner (American, born Galicia [Ukraine]); Paul Revere Pottery (also known as the "Saturday Evening Girls") (American, 1908), Boston, Massachusetts, Earthenware (2000.31)
Vase, ca. 1877, Edward C. Moore (American), designer; Tiffany & Company (American), manufacturer and retailer, Silver (1982.349)
Vase, ca. 1880, Gorham Manufacturing Company (American), Providence, Rhode Island, Silver and mixed metals (2008.68)