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Vessel from Eastern Europe and Scandinavia

Vessel, Europe, Eastern Europe and Scandinavia

Works of Art (11)

Avar Treasure, Belt Fittings, 700s, Avar; Found in Vrap, eastern Albania, Gold (17.190.1673-1701)

Vessels, 700s, Avar or Byzantine; Found in Vrap, eastern Albania, Silver and gold (17.190.1704-1706; 1708-1712)

Bucket, 600s, Byzantine; Found in Vrap, eastern Albania, Silver (17.190.1707)
Ewer and basin (lavabo set), ca. 1680–85, Moldavia (Chisinau), most likely court workshop, Partially gilded silver (2005.62.1,.2a,b)
"Fireworks" vase, 1921, Edward Hald (Swedish); Manufacturer: Orrefors Glasbruk, Engraved flashed glass (27.96.5)
Hexagonal Dish, 1696, Hungarian, Transylvania, Silver, parcel-gilt (2010.110.42)
Pair of wine coolers, 1766, Zacharias Deichman the Elder, Russian; Saint Petersburg, Silver (1981.367.1,.2)
Savoy vase, 1936, Alvar Aalto (Finnish), Glass (1985.223)
Spice Canister, 1681, Hungarian, possibly Fogaras, Silver-gilt, enamel (2010.110.39a, b)
Table snuffbox, ca. 1745–50, Russian; Probably region of Velikiy Ustyg, Partially polished green turban snail; gilded, matted, punched, and engraved silver; niello (1995.327)
Tankard, ca. 1700, By Johann Berend (Livonian), Silver, partly gilt (32.75.84)
Tea and coffee service, 1773, Johan Henrik Blom (Finnish), Russian; Saint Petersburg, Parcel-gilt silver, enamel, ebonized fruitwood (47.51.1–.5)
Vase, ca. 1900–1903, Designed by Nils Emil Lundström (Swedish); Manufacturer: Rörstrand (Lidköping), Hard-paste porcelain (1994.447)

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