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Vessel from Great Britain and Ireland

Vessel, Europe, Great Britain and Ireland

Works of Art (43)

Basket, 1731/32, John Edwards II (British), Silver, silver plate (2011.432a, b)
Biscuit box with cover, ca. 1870, Christopher Dresser (British), Earthenware, silver plate (1992.282a,b)
Bottle, ca. 1862, Attributed to Christopher Dresser (British), Bone china (1996.94)
Bowl, ca. 1971, Mary Rogers (British), Porcelain (2008.658.10)
Bread plate, ca. 1850, Augustus Welby Northmore Pugin (British), Stoneware (1994.371)
Cabinet with personifications of the Five Senses, third quarter of 17th century, English, Satin worked with silk and metal thread, purl, chenille, seed pearls, coral beads, and mica; tent knots, rococo, satin, couching, and detached buttonhole stitches, knots; woven metal thread trim; silk and paper lining (29.23.1)
Child's porridge bowl and spoon, 1897–98, Mark of Roberts and Belk (British), Silver, partly gilt (1991.296.1,.2)
"Clutha" vase, ca. 1890, Christopher Dresser (British), Green glass (1991.20.2)
Covered cup, ca. 1565–70, Chinese with English mounts, Hard paste and silver gilt (68.141.125a,b)
Dish, 1664–65, Anthony Ficketts (English), Silver gilt (68.141.79)
Ewer and basin, 1610–11, Symon Owen (English), Silver gilt (68.141.135,136)
Ewer and basin, ca. 1726, English; London, Gilt silver (68.141.133,.134)
"Fire of London" and "Plague" tankard, 1673–74, The Master I.N. (English), Silver (1987.54)
Goblet, 1800–1801, Naphtali Hart (British), Silver, parcel-gilt (29.60.1)
Ice bucket, 1838–39, Possibly mark of John Watson (British, active in Sheffield), Silver, (1979.497)
Jug, 1775–76, Matthew Boulton (British) and John Fothergill (English), Silver (1993.73)

Tripod stand, 1775–76, Matthew Boulton (English) and John Fothergill (English), Silver (66.192.5a–c)
Loving cup with cover, 1742–43, Paul Lamerie (English), Silver gilt (25.15.58ab)
Loving cup, 1772, Richard Williams (Irish). Silver, silver gilt (68.141.191)
Pair of fruit dishes, 1766–67, Thomas Heming (English, Silver gilt (49.7.92,93)
Partial table service, 1818, Pellatt & Green, London, Blown cut glass (2008.594.1a,b–.54a,b)
Pitcher, 1879–82, Christopher Dresser (British), Earthenware (1988.423.1)
Plate, ca. 1739–43, Chinese for the English market, Hard paste (1978.196)
Plate, ca. 1877, English, Earthenware (1991.110.3)
Plateau, 1817–18, Richard Sibley (British), Silver (97.42)
Portland Vase, early 19th century, Josiah Wedgwood (British), Jasper (94.4.172)
Reliquary Casket with Scenes from the Martyrdom of Saint Thomas Becket, ca. 1173–80, English or German, Silver with niello, gemstone (17.190.520)
Salver, 1879–80, Frederick Elkington (British), Silver, partly gilt, (1991.229)
Soup tureen with cover and stand, 1806–7 (tureen) and 1807–8 (stand), Mark of Paul Storr (British), Silver (39.65.38a-c)
Standing Salt, 1584–85, Made by the anonymous goldsmith "IG", English (London), Silver (52.134a–e)
The Stockbridge Race Cup, 1870–71, C. F. Hancock, manufacturing silversmiths (London), Silver, partly gilt, (1990.153)
Tea set with teapot, creamer, and sugar bowl, 1813–14, Mark of Paul Storr (British), Silver, gilt (1974.379.1-3)
Teakettle on tripod table stand, 1724–25, Simon Pantin I (English, English (London), Silver (68.141.81)
Teapot, 1820–21, John Edward Terrey (British), Silver, (1998.459)
Traveling tea set, ca. 1879, Christopher Dresser (British); Hukin & Heath (Birmingham), Gilt and silver-plated white metal, split bamboo, leather-covered wood with velvet and glazed cotton linings (2000.594.1a,b–.8)
Tray, 1806–7, Digby Scott (English), Benjamin Smith (English), partners, Silver-gilt, (1977.436.3)
Two-handled covered loving cup, ca. 1680, English, Silver over silver gilt (68.141.281ab)
U-shaped vase, 1886 or 1889, Christopher Dresser (British), Hard-paste porcelain (1988.30)
Vase with cover, 1888–98, William De Morgan (British); Manufacturer: Sand's End Pottery (British), Lustered earthenware (23.163.2ab)
Vase, 18th century (1780), Made by Wedgwood and Co., Etruria/Staffordshire, England, Black basalt (66.17)
Vase, late 18th century, John Flaxman (English); Made by Josiah Wedgewood and Sons, Etruria/Staffordshire, England, Jasperware (09.194.7)
Wave bowl, ca. 1880, Design attributed to Christopher Dresser (British, 1834–1904); manufactured by Linthorpe Pottery Works, Glazed earthenware (2001.549)
Wine cistern, 1709–10, Lewis Mettayer (English), Silver (68.141.132)
Wine cup on a high foot (tazza), 1599, English, Silver gilt (68.141.104)