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Figural Vessel from Africa and Egypt

Vessel, Figural, Africa (including Egypt)

Works of Art (11)

Canopic jar with a lid in the shape of a royal woman's head, New Kingdom, Amarna Period, Dynasty 18, reign of Akhenaten, ca. 1352–1336 B.C., Egyptian; from Upper Egypt, Thebes, Valley of the Kings, Tomb KV 55, Davis/Ayrton 1907, Travertine (Egyptian alabaster), blue glass, obsidian, unidentified stone (30.8.54)
Cosmetic container in the form of a Bes image holding the cap of a kohl tube, Late Period, Dynasty 27, ca. 525–404 B.C., Egyptian, Faience (1989.281.94)
Cosmetic Jar in the Form of a Cat, Middle Kingdom, Dynasty 12, ca. 1991–1783 B.C., Egyptian, Egyptian alabaster (calcite) with inlaid eyes of rock crystal and copper (1990.59.1)
Dish in the Form of a Temple, 3rd–5th century, Roman or Byzantine; Found in Carthage (now in Tunisia, North Africa), Rock crystal (55.135.5)
Footed Bowl, Predynastic Period, probably late Naqada I–early Naqada II, ca. 3750–3550 B.C., Egyptian, Ceramic (10.176.113)
Lidded Gourd Container, 16th–19th century, Nigeria; Edo peoples, court of Benin, Brass (1991.17.66)
Lidded Saltcellar, 15th–16th century, Sierra Leone; Sapi-Portuguese, Ivory (1991.435a,b)
Mummy with an inserted panel portrait of a youth, 80–100 A.D.; Roman Period, Egypt, Fayum, Hawara (Hawwara, Hawwaret el-Maqta; Adlan), Petrie, Encaustic on limewood, linen, human remains (11.139)
Relief-decorated lentoid bottle ("New Year's bottle"), Late Period, Dynasty 26, 664–525 B.C., Egyptian, Faience (2007.155)
Saltcellar: Portuguese Figures, 15th–16th century, Nigeria; Edo peoples, court of Benin, Ivory (1972.63a,b)
Two Vases in the Shape of a Mother Monkey with Her Young, a) Old Kingdom, Dynasty 6, reign of Merenre I, ca. 2255–2246 B.C., Egyptian, Egyptian alabaster (30.8.134) (b) Old Kingdom, Dynasty 6, reign of Pepi I, ca. 2289–2255 B.C., Egyptian, Egyptian alabaster (1992.338)