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Vessel, Chalice

Works of Art (11)

"Antioch Chalice," first half of 6th century, Byzantine; Made in Antioch or Kaper Koraon (?), Silver, silver-gilt (50.4)
Attarouthi Treasure, 500–650, Byzantine; From Attarouthi, Syria, Silver and silver with gilding (1986.3.1-15)
Avar Treasure, Belt Fittings, 700s, Avar; Found in Vrap, eastern Albania, Gold (17.190.1673-1701)

Vessels, 700s, Avar or Byzantine; Found in Vrap, eastern Albania, Silver and gold (17.190.1704-1706; 1708-1712)

Bucket, 600s, Byzantine; Found in Vrap, eastern Albania, Silver (17.190.1707)
Beaker, 15th century, German, found in burial mounds on the Estate Abrau near Novorossisk, in the Caucasus, Glass (06.141)
Chalice of Peter of Sassoferrato, 1341–42 with later, perhaps 15th-century, cup, Italian; Siena, from the Franciscan Church of Sassoferrato, Silver gilded and translucent enamel (1988.67)
Chalice, 16th century (1532–33), Made in Paris, France, Silver-gilt (1996.287)
Chalice, ca. 1222, Brother Bertinus, Made in possible Meuse Valley, Northern Europe, Silver and silver gilt (47.101.30)
Chalice, ca. 1380, Spanish; Catalonia, Barcelona, Silver, silver gilt, and translucent enamel (1988.66)
Chalice, late 18th century, Mexican, Silver gilt (33.120.68a)
Chalice, Paten, and Straw, ca. 1230–1250, German, Silver, partly gilded; niello, jewels (47.101.26–29)
Covered goblet, 1788, Made by New Bremen Glass Manufactory (Frederick County, Maryland), American, Blown glass with engraved decoration (28.52a,b)