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Box Vessel from West Asia

Vessel, Box, West Asia

Works of Art (11)

Box with a lid, 15th century; Mamluk, Syria, Brass, engraved and inlaid with silver (91.1.538)
Casket with Warriors and Dancers, carved 11th century, Byzantine; Probably made in Constantinople, Bone, copper gilt (17.190.239)
Casket with Warriors and Mythological Figures, 900–1100, Byzantine; Probably made in Constantinople, Bone plaques and ornamental strips over wood; silver lock plate (17.190.237)
Pen box, 13th century, Western Iran or northern Iraq (al-Jazira), Brass inlaid with gold and silver (89.2.194)
Pen box, A. H. 1156 / 1743–44 A.D., cAli Ashraf (Iranian), Papier-mâché, painted, sprinkled with mica, and lacquered (2008.246a,b)
Pen box, early 19th century, Iran, Painted and varnished papier-mâché (2006.523)
Pen box, late 17th–early 18th century, Signed by Haji Muhammad, Iran, Lacquer (2000.491a,b)
Plaques with Scenes from the Story of Joshua, 10th century, Byzantine; Probably made in Constantinople, Ivory, traces of polychromy, gilding; bone (border strips) (17.190.137a-c)
Pyx Depicting Women at the Tomb of Christ, 500s, Byzantine; Made in the eastern Mediterranean, Ivory (17.190.57)
Pyxis depicting Christ's Entry into Jerusalem, Ayyubid period (1169–1260), mid-13th century, Syria, Brass, hammered, chased, inlaid with silver and black compound (1971.39a,b)
Pyxis with the Triumph of Dionysos in India, mid-500s, Byzantine; Possibly made in Syria, said to have been found in Rome, Ivory (17.190.56)