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Textile in Wool from North America

Textile, Wool, North America

Works of Art (33)

Bathing ensemble, ca. 1870, American, Beige-and-brown printed striped wool with brown-and-red printed wool bands with Greek-key motif (1979.346.18a,b)
Beachwear (bathing suit), 1950–59, American, Wool (1996.316.2ab)
Beachwear (bathing suit), 1964, Rudi Gernreich (American, born Austria), Wool, elastic (1986.517.13)
Beachwear (bikini), 1970–71, Rudi Gernreich (American, born Austria), Wool (1996.118.4ab)
Beachwear (bikini), ca. 1940, American, Wool (2001.790.1a,b)
Bed rug, 1796, Maker Unknown (American), Colchester, New London County, Connecticut, Linen/cotton and wool (33.122)
Cocktail dress, 1961, Norman Norell (American), Black wool crepe (1986.517.5)
Day dress and coat, fall 1957, Anne Fogarty (American), Red wool twill (C.I.63.47.3a,b)
Day ensemble, 1967, Bonnie Cashin (American), Natural cotton, red-and-blue plaid wool, and navy blue wool jersey (C.I.68.34a-c)
Dinner suit, 1950, Charles James (American, born Great Britain), Gray wool flannel, gunmetal gray silk (2009.300.352a,b)
Embroidered coverlet, ca. 1760–75, Ruth Culver Coleman (American), Possibly Sag Harbor, Suffolk County, New York, Linen with wool embroidery (61.48.1)
Embroidered sampler, 1721, Anne Chase (American), Newport, Rhode Island, Silk on wool (L.2001.53.4)
Ensemble (beachwear), 1944–45, Carolyn Schnurer (American), Cotton (C.I.46.106.98a-c)
Ensembles, 1967, Rudi Gernreich (American, born Austria), Pink wool jersey, Ivory Wool jersey, clear vinyl (1988.74.2a–e, 1988.74.1a–f)
Madonna-lily pillow cover, ca. 1876–77, Candace Wheeler (American), Wool twill embroidered with wool and silk thread, silk velvet border (2002.355.1)
Needlework picture (probably a chair back), ca. 1755–65, Mehitable Starkey (American), Probably Boston, Massachusetts, Wool yarn and silk threads on linen (2003.480)
Pinwheel quilt, 1930, Unidentified maker (J.L.), Amish, Indiana, Wool and cotton (1988.128)
Sample room divider, ca. 1952, Dorothy Liebes (American), Wood, chenille, various fibers, Lurex (aluminum foil, plastic-coated) (1973.129.7)
Sampler, 1777, Elizabeth Jefferis (American, 18th century) Chester County, Pennsylvania, Wool and silk on linen (59.20)
Serape, 1750–1800, Mexican (Saltillo), Cotton and wool (2002.471.1)
Serape, 1880–1900, Mexico; Saltillo, Cotton, wool, metal (2002.471.2)
Shepherd and shepherdess scene, ca. 1740, Keturah Rawlins (American) Boston, Massachusetts, Wool, silk, and metallic threads on linen (39.108.1)
"Spring," 1754, Mary Wright (American), Possibly Sarah Osborn's school, Newport, Rhode Island, Wool and silk on linen (46.155)
Suit, 1950, Charles James (American, born Great Britain), Mulberry wool broadcloth (2009.300.10a,b)
Suit, fall 1964, Bonnie Cashin (American), Magenta-and-plum checked wool mohair, plum wool double knit, plum suede (1979.431.51a-c)
Sunshine and shadow quilt, ca. 1940, Amish, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, Wool and cotton (1973.94)
Sweater, 1950, Tina Leser (American), Black and wool knit (C.I.51.14.3a)

Skirt, 1954, Bonnie Cashin (American), Black-and-white houndstooth check wool (1982.40.3)
Theater suit, 1951, Charles James (American, born Great Britain), Copper silk satin, black wool cashmere (1975.246.5a–c)
Travel ensemble (jacket, slacks, and blouse), 1948, Vera Maxwell (American), Brown-and-white donegal tweed and cocoa-brown wool jersey, printed silk, plastic, tan leather (C.I.53.61a-f)
Woven coverlet, 1828, Workshop of James Alexander (American), Little Britain, Orange County, New York, Cotton and wool (67.33)
Woven coverlet, 1834, Made by David Daniel Haring (American), Bergen County, New Jersey, Cotton and wool (1988.127)
Woven coverlet, ca. 1825, American, Wool and cotton; overshot, woven on a hand loom (10.125.410)
Woven coverlet, ca. 1850, Attributed to Mrs. Hicks, Probably Ohio, Wool (56.113)