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Textile in Cotton from South America

Textile, Cotton, South America

Works of Art (9)

Feathered Tunic, 12th–15th century, Peru, Chimú, Cotton, feathers (63.163)
Hanging (?) fragment, 4th–3rd century B.C., Peru; Chavín, Painted cotton (1987.394.704)
Hanging, 14th–15th century, Peru; Chimú, Cotton (1979.206.601)
Hanging, 7th–9th century, Peru; Wari, Cotton, camelid hair, feathers (1979.206.467)
Man's Tunic (Unku), late 15th–early 16th century, Peru; Inka, Cotton, camelid hair (1982.365)
Mantle border fragment, 1st–2nd century, Peru; Nazca, Cotton, camelid hair (1994.35.120)
Miniature Tunic (Uncu), 17th–18th century, Bolivia (Potosí), Cotton, camelid hair, silk, metal (2007.470)
Sleeved Tunic, 12th–15th century, Peru; Chimú, Cotton, camelid hair (1979.206.588)
Tabard, 15th–16th century, Peru; Ica (?), Cotton, feathers (59.135.8)

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