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The Adams Vase, 1893–95, Paulding Farnham (American), designer; Tiffany & Company (American), manufacturer and retailer, Gold, amethysts, quartzes, spessartites, tourmalines, freshwater pearls, enamel (04.1)
Beads, 18th century, Morocco, Fabricated from sheet and set with emeralds and rubies and/or fine garnets (1981.5.18,19)
Bona Sforza, Queen of Poland, ca. 1530–40, Giovanni (Gian) Jacopo (Giacomo) Caraglio (Italian), Kraków, Sardonyx with inlaid gold and silver details; mounted as a pendant in gold with enamel, pearl, and ruby (17.190.869)
Book Cover with Byzantine Icon of the Crucifixion, Icon carved about 1000, in Constantinople; setting made before 1085, Spanish; From the Convent of Santa Cruz de la Serós, Jaca, Gilded silver on a wood backing, inset with ivory icon, sapphire, glass, and crystal (17.190.134)
Bow Brooch with Disk, early 700s, Vendel, Copper alloy with mercury gilding and garnet (47.100.25 ab)
Brooch and earrings, 1858–60, Edward Burr (American), Yellow gold, pearls, diamonds, enamel (2000.549a-c)
Brooch in the Shape of a Panther, 100–300, Roman, Copper alloy with silver and niello inlays (47.100.18)
Brooch, 1868, Tiffany & Company (American), Gold, pearls, black enamel, hair (2000.556)
Brooch, ca. 1850, Maker unknown, American, Gold, jet, crystal, hair (2000.557)
Brooch, ca. 1882–92, Jacques & Marcus (American), New York, Gold, pearl, demantoid garnets, diamonds (2001.246)
Brooch, ca. 1900, Marcus & Company (American), Gold, peridot, diamonds, pearls, enamel (2001.238)
Brooch, ca. 1900, Manufacturer: Georges Fouquet (French); Designer: Alphonse Mucha (Czech), Gold, enamel, mother-of-pearl, opal, emerald, colored stones, gold paint (2003.560)
Brooch, necklace, and hair comb, ca. 1905, Florence Koehler (American), Pearls, enamel, gold (pin only: sapphire, emeralds) (52.43.1-.3)
Buckle in the Shape of an Eagle, 6th century, Ostrogothic, Gilt silver, garnet (95.15.100a-c)
Buckle, 5th century, Eastern Germanic, Gold garnets (1986.341)
Buckle, 6th century, Ostrogothic, probably found in Italy, Gilt silver, garnet (95.15.103a,b)
Christ Crucified between the Virgin and Saint John, 14th century, Probably French, Onyx; mounted, probably a pendant in gold with enamel and rock crystal (40.20.59)
Commesso, 1550–55, Reverse after design of Étienne Delaune (French), probably a 19th-century addition, Gold, enamel, jewels, and chalcedony (17.190.907)
Congressional presentation sword of Major General John E. Wool, 1854–55, United States, possibly Baltimore, Steel, gold, gilded brass, diamonds, rubies, wood, silver, textile (2009.8a–c)
Corsage piece, ca. 1880–1900, Tiffany & Company (American), Gold, diamonds (41.84.20a-e)
Cup supported by enchained Turk, ca. 1700, German; Frankfurt am Main, Jade (nephrite), aragonate (alabaster), chalcedony, onyx, diamonds, rubies, garnets, silver-gilt, and gold (1975.1.1508)
Dagger with jeweled hilt, Mughal period (1526–1858), ca. 1605–27, Northern India, Hilt: gold, rubies, colored glass, blade: crucible steel, scabbard: wood, velvet, gold inset with rubies and colored glass (1984.332)
Dagger with Zoomorphic Hilt, second half 16th century, India, Deccan, Bijapur or Golconda, Hilt: copper, cast, chased, gilded, and inlaid with rubies. Blade: steel, forged (2011.236)
Disk Brooch and Two Pendants, early 600s, Anglo-Saxon; Probably made in Faversham, southeastern England; Found at Teynam, southeastern England, Gold, cells inset with garnets and glass, border inlaid with niello (1987.90.1,2,3)
Disk Brooch, 650–725, Frankish; Found in Férebrianges or Petit-Troussy, northern France, Gold sheet with filigree and inlays of garnet, stone, glass, and pearl (17.191.134)
Disk Brooch, 675–700, Frankish; Found in Niederbreisig, western Germany, Gold sheet with filigree and inlays of garnet, glass, and mother-of-pearl (17.193.83)
Dress ornament, ca. 1923, Georges Fouquet (French), Jade, onyx, diamonds, enamel, platinum (2001.723)
Earrings, 17th century, Morocco, Fabricated from sheet and wire, engraved, enameled, and set with rubies and emeralds (1981.5.16,17)
Emperor Augustus above a Double Capricorn, late 1st century B.C.–early 1st century A.D., Roman, Sardonyx; later mounted in gold for suspension (29.175.4)
Ensemble, 1913, Paul Poiret (French), Ivory silk damask, ivory silk net, and ivory China silk with rhinestone trim; ivory silk net with green and black silk gauze, applied tape and rhinestone trim; green and black silk gauze headdress with strands of rhinestones; ivory silk damask shoes (2005.193a–g)
Evening jacket, summer 1937, Elsa Schiaparelli (Italian), Blue silk velvet, metal, rhinestones, plastic (2009.300.1354)
Flask in the shape of a mango, mid-17th century,India, Rock crystal with insets of gold, enamel, rubies, and emeralds (1993.18)
Hair ornament, ca. 1904, Louis Comfort Tiffany (American), Silver, enamel, black and pink opals, demantoid garnets (2002.620)
Jewel with gold letters spelling amor, mid-15th century, French, Gold, pearls, diamond, emerald paste (57.26.1)
Marbled slip ware bowl, Neronian, mid-1st century A.D., Roman, Terracotta (17.194.852)
Nécessaire incorporating an automaton watch, ca. 1770–72, Signed by James Cox (English), Case: moss agate, mounted in gold and set with diamonds, rubies, and emeralds; silver; and mirror glass; dial: white enamel, with frame pavé set with paste jewels (57.128a–o)
Necklace, ca. 1870, Eugène Fontenay (French), Gold, enamel, diamonds (1987.252)
Pair of Bird-Shaped Brooches, 550–600, Frankish, Gold sheet, cloisonné cells inset with garnets, glass, and pearl, garnets backed with patterned foil (17.191.164-165)
Pair of earrings with snap-on covers, ca. 1882–85, New York, Gold, diamond, enamel (2001.234a–d)
Pair of gold head ornaments, 18th–19th century, Morocco, Fabricated from sheet and wire, chased, and set with rubies, emeralds, topazes (?), pearls, and glass (65.265.1,2,6,7)
Pair of Jeweled Bracelets, 500–700, Byzantine; Probably made in Constantinople, Gold, silver, pearl, amethyst, sapphire, glass, quartz, and emerald plasma (17.190.1670, 1671)
Pair-case automaton watch, ca. 1770–75, Signed by James Cox (English), Outer case: gold, partly enameled and set with gemstones and paste jewels; inner case: gold with casemaker's mark of Peter Mounier (English); dial: white enamel, with frame set with paste jewels; movement: brass, steel, and silver (1977.436.4)
Pendant Brooch with Cameo of Enthroned Virgin and Child, cameo 11th–12th century; Rus' mount 12th–14th century, Byzantine (Constantinople), Chalcedony cameo in gold mount with pearls, emeralds, garnets, sapphires, and sardonyx intaglio (2007.9)
Pendant in the form of Neptune and a sea monster, early 17th century, Probably Netherlandish, Baroque pearl with enameled gold mounts set with rubies, diamonds, pearls (1982.60.378)
Picnic basket, Qing dynasty, 19th century, China, Zitan wood with metal corner mounts, inlaid with mother-of-pearl and semiprecious stones (1977.262a-g)
Pin, ca. 1890, Tiffany & Company (American), New York, Gold, diamond, enamel (2001.330)
Reliquary Cross, ca. 1180, Made in Limoges, France, Silver gilt, rock crystal, glass cabochons; wood core (2002.18)
Ring Brooch, 1340–49, German, Middle Rhine, Gold, spinels, sapphires (2006.257)
Saber, 16th century; Ottoman, Turkish, Steel inlaid with gold, precious stones, fishskin (36.25.1297)
Saber, 19th century; Ottoman period, Turkish, Steel, gold, diamonds, emeralds, pearls (23.232.2)
Saltcellar, mid-13th century, French; Made in Paris, Gold, rock crystal, emeralds, pearls, spinel or balas rubies (1983.434)
Shoe Buckle, 400–450, Hunnic or Frankish, Gold, garnets (17.190.697)
Silver covers for a gospel, 1691, Signed Astuatsatur Shahamir, Kayseri, Turkey, Gilt-silver repoussé plaques (16.99)
Sleeping Shepherdess in a Moonlit Landscape, probably late 16th century, Alessandro Masnago (Italian), Milan, Agate (38.150.33)
Star-Shaped Brooch with Intaglio, setting 960–1000, intaglio 337–361, Ottonian (setting), Byzantine (intaglio), Gold with pearls and star sapphire (1988.15)
Textile with Medici emblems, late 15th–early 16th century, Italian (probably Florence), Silk satin foundation weave with metal-wrapped thread loops (46.156.70)
Triptych with the Passion of Christ, ca. 1475–85, South Germany, Mother-of-pearl mounted on gilt wood frame with silk backing and tooled leather covering (2006.249)
Watch pin, ca. 1900, Riker Brothers (American), Yellow gold, plique-à-jour enamel, diamonds, pearl, ruby (2001.331)
Watch, ca. 1650, Movement by Nicolas Bernard (French), Case: enameled gold; Dial: enameled gold, with a single gilded brass hand; Movement: gilded brass and steel, partly blued (17.190.1622)
Watch, ca. 1660–70, Movement by F. L. Meybom, or Maybon; case attributed to Isaac Bergeron, dit d'Argent (French), Movement: gilded brass, steel, partly blued, and silver; Case: blued steel, gilded brass, rock crystal, silver, and diamonds; Dial: painted enamel and basse-taille enamel on gold, with a single gold hand (17.190.1600)
Watch, probably ca. 1670, Movement by Nikolaus II Rugendas (German), Case: gold, enameled and set with gemstones; Dial: painted enamel on gold, with a single gold hand; Movement: glided brass and steel, partly blued (17.190.1520)