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Marble Sculptural Relief

Stone, Marble, Sculpture, Relief

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The Angel of Death and the Sculptor from the Milmore Memorial, 1889–93; this carving, 1921–26, Daniel Chester French (American), Marble (26.120)
Asiatic garland sarcophagus, Mid-Imperial, Severan period, 200–225 A.D., Roman, Marble (70.1)
Blind Homer Led by the Genius of Poetry, 1851, Edward Sheffield Bartholomew (American), Marble (1996.74)
Cinerary chest with lid, Imperial, Flavian or Trajanic, ca. 90–110 A.D., Roman, Marble (27.122.2a,b)
Cinerary urn, Julio-Claudian, first half of 1st century A.D., Roman; said to have been excavated from a tomb near Anagni, Marble (2002.297, 2002.568)
Descent from the Cross, ca. 1555, School of Jean Goujon (French), Marble with traces of gilding (29.56)
Disk with a herm of Dionysos in relief, Early Imperial, third quarter of 1st century A.D., Roman, Marble, pigment (26.60.27)
Double-sided Tombstone, 10th century and A.H. 646/A.D. 1248–49, Egypt, Marble (2010.225)
Endymion sarcophagus, Mid-Imperial, Severan, early 3rd century A.D., Roman, Marble (47.100.4)
Fragment from the Eleusinian Relief, ca. 27 B.C.–14 A.D.; Augustan, Fragments of a Roman copy set in a plaster cast of the original Greek relief of ca. 350–325 B.C., Marble (14.130.9)
Fragment of a sarcophagus with a seated figure, ca. 250 A.D., Roman; Probably northern Asia Minor, Marble (18.108)
Fragment of an inscription, Classical, ca. 425–424 B.C., Greek, Attic, Marble (26.60.5)
Funerary altar of Cominia Tyche, Flavian or Trajanic, ca. 90–100 A.D., Roman, Marble (38.27)
Funerary altar, 14–68; Julio-Claudian, Roman, Marble (25.78.29)
Grave stele of a little girl, ca. 450–440 B.C., Greek, Parian marble (27.45)
Grave stele of a youth and a little girl, ca. 530 B.C.; Archaic, Greek, Attic, Parian marble (11.185a-c,f,g)
Grave stele with a family group, ca. 360 B.C.; Classical, Greek, Attic, Pentelic marble (11.100.2)
Kalyx krater with reliefs of maidens and dancing maenads, 1st century A.D.; Julio-Claudian, Roman, Marble (23.184)
Lid of a funerary altar, late 1st century B.C., Roman, Marble (1997.271)
Linga with one face (Ekamukhalinga), Shahi period, 9th century, Afghanistan, Marble (1980.415)
Lion felling a bull, from a marble pediment, 525–500 B.C., Greek, Attic, Parian marble (42.11.35)
Madonna and Child with Angels, Relief, ca. 1455–60, Antonio Rossellino (Italian, Florentine), Made in Florence, Italy, Marble, gilding on halo and dress (14.40.675)
Marble sarcophagus with garlands and the myth of Theseus and Ariadne, ca. 130–150 A.D., Roman, Hadrianic or early Antonine, Marble, Luni and Pentelic (90.12a,b)
Mourning Victory from the Melvin Memorial, 1906–8; this carving, 1912–15, Daniel Chester French (American), Marble (15.75)
Mrs. Stanford White (Bessie Springs Smith), 1884; this carving, by 1888, Augustus Saint-Gaudens (American), Marble (1976.388)
Nessus Abducting Deianira, modeled in 1814, Bertel Thorvaldsen (Danish), Marble (2004.174)
Panel with a Griffin, 1250–1300, Byzantine; Possibly from Greece or the Balkans, Marble (2000.81)
Relief fragment depicting athletic prizes, mid-Imperial, Antonine, 2nd century A.D., Roman, Marble (59.11.19)
Relief fragment with gladiators, Imperial, 1st–3rd century A.D., Roman; recorded ca. 1880 in the Vigna Aquari in Rome, Marble (57.11.7)
Relief fragment, Imperial, 1st–2nd century A.D., Roman; found at Sardis, Marble (26.199.63)
Relief of a dancing maenad, ca. 27 B.C.–14 A.D.; Augustan, Roman copy of a Greek relief attributed to Kallimachos, ca. 425–400 B.C., Pentelic marble (35.11.3)
Relief portrait of the emperor Lucius Verus, ca. 166–170; Antonine, Roman, Marble (13.227.1)
Relief with an archaistic Hermes, 1st century A.D., Roman, Marble (1991.11.8)
Relief with Saint Peter Martyr and Three Donors, ca. 1340, Giovanni di Balduccio (Italian, Tuscan, Bolognese, Milanese), Marble (2001.221)
Sarcophagus lid (kline), Mid-Imperial, Severan, 220 A.D., Roman, Marble (1993.11.1)
Sarcophagus with a Greek physician, early 300s, Roman; Ostia, Italy, Marble (48.76.1)
Sarcophagus with Scenes from the Lives of Saint Peter and Christ, early 300s (with modern restoration), Roman, Marble (1991.366)
Sarcophagus with the contest between the Muses and the Sirens, Late Imperial, Gallienic, third quarter of 3rd century A.D., Roman; in the Villa Nero, Rome, about 1640; later, in the Giardino Torrigiani, Florence, Pentelic marble (10.104)
Slab with dedication to Isis, Sarapis, and Apollo by Komon on behalf of Ptolemy IV and V, Macedonian-Ptolemaic Period, 209–204 B.C., Egyptian, Marble (89.2.652)
Strigilated sarcophagus, Late Severan, 220 A.D., Roman, Marble (2005.258)
Table Base with the Story of Jonah, early 4th century, Roman, Marble (77.7)
Triumph of Dionysos and the Seasons Sarcophagus, ca. 260–270, Roman, Marble (55.11.5)