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Bust of Marie de France, ca. 1381, Jean de Liège (Franco-Netherlandish, Île-de-France, Saint-Denis, Abbey Church of Saint-Denis, Chapel of Notre-Dame-la-Blanche, Marble, lead insets, traces of polychromy (41.100.132)
Head of Constans, ca. 337–340, Early Byzantine (Eastern Roman Empire), Marble (67.107)
Portrait Bust of a Woman with a Scroll, late 4th–early 5th century, Early Byzantine (Eastern Roman Empire), Marble (66.25)
Adam, ca. 1490–95), Tullio Lombardo (Italian), Marble (36.163)
Akroterion of the grave monument of Timotheos and Nikon, ca. 350–325 B.C. Greek, Attic, Marble (07.286.107)
Allegories of the Elements, ca. 1750, Attributed to Jean-Pierre Defrance (French), Marble (64.93.1-4)
An Englishman, 1740, Peter Anton Verschaffelt (English), Carrara marble, gray marble (pedestal) (1978.3)
Andrew Jackson, 1834–35; this carving, 1839, Hiram Powers (American), Marble (94.14)
The Angel of Death and the Sculptor from the Milmore Memorial, 1889–93; this carving, 1921–26, Daniel Chester French (American), Marble (26.120)
Anthropoid sarcophagus, last quarter of 5th century B.C.; Classical, Greco-Phoenician; From a tomb at Amathus, Marble (74.51.2452)
Asiatic garland sarcophagus, Mid-Imperial, Severan period, 200–225 A.D., Roman, Marble (70.1)
Autumn, 1745, Nicolas-Sébastien Adam le Jeune (French) and Ange Jacques Gabriel (French), Paris, Marble (66.29.2)
The Babes in the Wood, ca. 1850; this carving, 1851, Thomas Crawford (American), Marble (94.9.4)
Bacchanal: A Faun Teased by Children, ca. 1616–17, Gian Lorenzo Bernini (Italian), Italian (Rome), Marble (1976.92)
Bather (statue from a fountain group), 18th century (1782), Jean Antoine Houdon (French), French (Paris), Marble (14.40.673)
Benjamin Franklin (1706–1790), 18th century (1778), Jean Antoine Houdon (French), French (Paris), Marble (72.6)
Bird in Space, 1923 Constantin Brancusi (French, born Romania) Marble (1996.403.7ab)
Blind Homer Led by the Genius of Poetry, 1851, Edward Sheffield Bartholomew (American), Marble (1996.74)
Bringing down Marble from the Quarries to Carrara, 1911, John Singer Sargent (American), Oil on canvas (17.97.1)
Bust of Emperor Severus Alexander, ca. A.D. 230–35, Roman, Marble (2011.87)
Bust of Napoleon III, 1873, Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux (French), Marble (1974.297)
Bust of Voltaire (François-Marie Arouet, 1694–1778), 18th century (1778), Jean Antoine Houdon (French), French (Paris), Marble (1972.61)
California, 1850–55; this carving, 1858, Hiram Powers (American), Marble (72.3)
Canopy from the tomb of Philip III (the Bold) of France (1245–1285), 1297–1307, French, Jean d'Arras (French), Marble (2007.540)
Capital with Bust of the Archangel Michael, ca. 1250–1300, Byzantine; Made in Constantinople, possibly from the Monastery of the Virgin Peribleptos ("All-Seeing"), now the Sulumanastir, a mosque, Marble (1983.167)
Capital, Spanish Umayyad period (756–1031), 10th century, Spain, probably Córdoba, Marble, carved (30.95.134)
Cardinal Scipione Borghese (1576–1633), 1632, Giuliano Finelli (Italian), Marble (53.201)
Cinerary chest with lid, Imperial, Flavian or Trajanic, ca. 90–110 A.D., Roman, Marble (27.122.2a,b)
Cinerary urn, Julio-Claudian, first half of 1st century A.D., Roman; said to have been excavated from a tomb near Anagni, Marble (2002.297, 2002.568)
Cleopatra, 1858; this carving, 1869, William Wetmore Story (American), Marble (88.5a-d)
Clytie, 1869–70; this carving, 1872, William Henry Rinehart (American), Marble (11.68.1)
Commode, ca. 1710–20, André-Charles Boulle (French), Walnut veneered with ebony and marquetry of engraved brass and tortoiseshell, gilt-bronze mounts, verd antique marble top (1982.60.82)
The Cuxa Cloister, ca. 1130–40, Catalan; from the Benedictine monastery of Saint-Michel-de-Cuxa (Sant Miquel de Cuixà), near Perpignan, France, Marble (25.120.398,.399,.452)
Dado panel, first half of 15th century; Mamluk, Egypt, Polychrome marble mosaic (1970.327.8)
Daphne, 1853; this carving, 1854, Harriet Goodhue Hosmer (American), Marble (1973.133)
Descent from the Cross, ca. 1555, School of Jean Goujon (French), Marble with traces of gilding (29.56)
Disk with a herm of Dionysos in relief, Early Imperial, third quarter of 1st century A.D., Roman, Marble, pigment (26.60.27)
Doorway, carved in the 1000s, assembled in 1100s or 1200s, Central Italian; Sangemini, from the abbey church of San Nicolò, Marble (47.100.45)
Double Capital, mid-12th century, France, Toulouse region, Languedoc (?), Marble (28.81)
Double-sided Tombstone, 10th century and A.H. 646/A.D. 1248–49, Egypt, Marble (2010.225)
Emperor Gaius Julius Caesar Germanicus, known as Caligula, 37–42; Julio-Claudian, Roman, Marble (14.37)
Endymion sarcophagus, Mid-Imperial, Severan, early 3rd century A.D., Roman, Marble (47.100.4)
Eternal Spring, also known as Eternal Springtime, probably modeled 1881, this marble executed 1906–7, Auguste Rodin (French), Marble (17.120.184)
Eva Rohr, 1872, Augustus Saint-Gaudens (American), Marble; 18 5/8 x 9 1/4 x 6 1/2 in. (47.3 x 23.5 x 16.5 cm) (1990.317)
Farnese Table, Italian (Rome), Marble, alabaster, and semi-precious stones (58.57)
Fisher Boy, 1841–44; this carving, 1857, Hiram Powers (American), Marble (94.9.1)
Fragment from the Eleusinian Relief, ca. 27 B.C.–14 A.D.; Augustan, Fragments of a Roman copy set in a plaster cast of the original Greek relief of ca. 350–325 B.C., Marble (14.130.9)
Fragment of a Floor Mosaic with a Personification of Ktisis, 500–550, Byzantine, Marble and glass (1998.69, 1999.99)
Fragment of a sarcophagus with a seated figure, ca. 250 A.D., Roman; Probably northern Asia Minor, Marble (18.108)
Fragment of an inscription, Classical, ca. 425–424 B.C., Greek, Attic, Marble (26.60.5)
Fragmentary head of a deity wearing a Dionysiac fillet, probably Julio-Claudian, ca. 14–68 A.D., Roman; copy of a Greek work of the 2nd century B.C., Marble, pigment, gilding (1992.11.66)
Funerary altar of Cominia Tyche, Flavian or Trajanic, ca. 90–100 A.D., Roman, Marble (38.27)
Funerary altar, 14–68; Julio-Claudian, Roman, Marble (25.78.29)
Genius of Mirth, 1842; this version, 1843, Thomas Crawford (American), Marble (97.13.1)
George Washington, 1795, Giuseppe Ceracchi (Italian), Marble (14.58.235)
George Washington, 1827–28, this version, ca. 1832, Horatio Greenough (American), Marble (84.8.2)
George Washington, ca. 1838–44; this carving, after 1844, Hiram Powers (American), Marble (1982.443.2)
Grand Duke Cosimo III de' Medici (1642–1723) and Grand Prince Ferdinando de' Medici (1669–1713), ca. 1676–82, Giovanni Battista Foggini (Italian), Marble (1993.332.1,.2)
Grave stele of a little girl, ca. 450–440 B.C., Greek, Parian marble (27.45)
Grave stele of a youth and a little girl, ca. 530 B.C.; Archaic, Greek, Attic, Parian marble (11.185a-c,f,g)
Grave stele with a family group, ca. 360 B.C.; Classical, Greek, Attic, Pentelic marble (11.100.2)
The Hand of God, modeled ca. 1896, this marble executed ca. 1907, Auguste Rodin (French), Marble (08.210)
Head from a statue of Harmodios, Imperial, 1st–2nd century A.D., Roman copy of Greek original attributed to Kritios and Nesiotes, Marble (26.60.1)
Head from the figure of a woman, ca. 2700–2500 B.C.; Early Cycladic I–II, Cycladic; Keros-Syros culture, Marble (64.246)
Head of a bearded man, Imperial, 2nd century A.D., Roman, Marble (1993.342)
Head of a helmeted Roman soldier, ca. 50–75; Flavian, Roman, Marble (25.78.62)
Head of a Ptolemaic queen, Hellenistic, ca. 270–250 B.C.,> Greek, Marble (2002.66)
Head of a veiled goddess, Classical, ca. 425 B.C., Greek, Attic, Marble (2007.328)
Head of Athena, ca. 138–92 A.D.; Antonine, Roman; copy of a Greek statue of ca. 430 B.C. attributed to the sculptor Pheidias, Marble (2007.293)
Head of Athena, Hellenistic, late 3rd–early 2nd century B.C., Greek, Marble (1996.178)
Head of Epikouros, Imperial, 2nd century A.D., Roman, Marble (11.90)
Head of herm, 1st or 2nd century A.D.; Imperial Roman, Copy of a Greek work of the late 5th century B.C., Marble (03.12.4)
Hekateion, 1st–2nd century A.D., Roman, Marble (1987.11.2)
Hiawatha, 1871–72; carved 1874, Augustus Saint-Gaudens (American), Marble (2001.641)
The Hope Dionysos, late 1st century A.D., with 18th-century restoration by Vincenzo Pacetti; Imperial, Roman, Marble (1990.247)
Indian Girl, or The Dawn of Christianity, 1853–56; this carving, 1855–56, Erastus Dow Palmer (American), Marble (94.9.2)
Inscribed statue base, mid-Imperial, Antonine, ca. 160–170 A.D., Roman, Marble (26.60.70a,b)
Ionic capital, torus (foliated base), and parts of a fluted column shaft from the Temple of Artemis at Sardis, 4th century B.C., Greek, Lydian, Marble (26.59.1)
John Barnard, 1744, John Michael Rysbrack (Flemish), English, Marble (1976.330)
Kalyx krater with reliefs of maidens and dancing maenads, 1st century A.D.; Julio-Claudian, Roman, Marble (23.184)
Kouros, 1944–45, Isamu Noguchi (American), Marble (53.87a-i)
La Table aux Amours (The Demidoff Table), 1845, Lorenzo Bartolini (Italian), Marble (03.11a–d)
Letter written in hieratic script, New Kingdom, Dynasty 18, joint reign of Hatshepsut and Thutmose III, ca. 1479–1458 B.C., Egyptian; from Upper Egypt, Thebes, Deir el-Bahri, Temple of Hatshepsut, in rubbish near foundation deposit 9, MMA excavations, 1926–27, Papyrus, ink (27.3.560)
Lid of a funerary altar, late 1st century B.C., Roman, Marble (1997.271)
Linga with one face (Ekamukhalinga), Shahi period, 9th century, Afghanistan, Marble (1980.415)
Lion felling a bull, from a marble pediment, 525–500 B.C., Greek, Attic, Parian marble (42.11.35)
Louise Adele Gould, 1904, Augustus Saint-Gaudens (American), Marble (32.62.1)
Louise Brongniart (1772–1845), 18th century (after a model of 1777), After Jean Antoine Houdon (French), French (Paris), Marble (14.40.670)
Madame X, ca. 1907, Auguste Rodin (French), Marble (11.173.6)
Madonna and Child with Angels, Relief, ca. 1455–60, Antonio Rossellino (Italian, Florentine), Made in Florence, Italy, Marble, gilding on halo and dress (14.40.675)
Mantel clock, ca. 1780–90, French (Paris), Gilt bronze, enamel, and marble (17.190.2126)
Mantel garniture, ca. 1885, French maker; marketed by Tiffany & Co., Marble, bronze (68.97.4–.6)
Mantel, ca. 1825–30, Italy, Marble (1999.126)
Marble sarcophagus with garlands and the myth of Theseus and Ariadne, ca. 130–150 A.D., Roman, Hadrianic or early Antonine, Marble, Luni and Pentelic (90.12a,b)
Mask, 3rd–7th century, Mexico; Teotihuacan, Onyx marble (1978.412.198)
Memory, 1886–87, revised 1909; this carving, 1917–19, Daniel Chester French (American), Marble (19.47)
Monkey Vessel, 10th–13th century, Mexico; Mixtec, Onyx marble, pyrite, shell (1979.206.1156)
Mourning Victory from the Melvin Memorial, 1906–8; this carving, 1912–15, Daniel Chester French (American), Marble (15.75)
Mrs. Stanford White (Bessie Springs Smith), 1884; this carving, by 1888, Augustus Saint-Gaudens (American), Marble (1976.388)
Narbonne Arch, 12th century, French, Marble (22.58.1a)
Nessus Abducting Deianira, modeled in 1814, Bertel Thorvaldsen (Danish), Marble (2004.174)
Panel with a Griffin, 1250–1300, Byzantine; Possibly from Greece or the Balkans, Marble (2000.81)
Parlor from the William C. Williams House, 1810–11, Richmond, Virginia, Mahogany and marble (68.137)
Patio from the Castle of Vélez Blanco, 1506–15 Spanish (41.190.482)
Perseus with the Head of Medusa, 1804–6, Antonio Canova (Italian), Marble (67.110.1)
Philip VI, Jeanne de Bourgogne, and Jean de France in Prayer, ca. 1340–1350, French, Marble (17.190.387,388,392)
Pillar with Capital, 800s, South Italian, Marble (18.70.21)
Polar Bear, ca. 1923, François Pompon (French), Marble (30.123ab)
Portal from the Church of San Leonardo al Frigido, ca. 1170–1180, Italian; Made in Tuscany, White Carrara marble, grayish marble (62.189)
Portrait bust of a bearded man, ca. 150–75 A.D.; Antonine, Roman, Marble (1998.209)
Portrait bust of a man, 1st century B.C.; Republican, Roman, Marble (12.233)
Portrait bust of a woman, 200–230 A.D.; Severan, Roman, Marble (18.145.39)
Portrait bust of Denis Diderot (1713–1784), 18th century (signed and dated 1773), Jean Antoine Houdon (French), French (Paris), Marble (1974.291)
Portrait head of an elderly woman, Late Republican or Early Imperial, Augustan, ca. 40–20 B.C., Roman, Marble, pigment (2000.38)
Portrait head of the Emperor Augustus, ca. 14–37; Julio-Claudian, Roman, Marble (07.286.115)
Portrait head of the emperor Constantine I, ca. 324–337; Constantinian; Late Antique period, Roman, Marble (26.229)
Portrait head of the emperor Marcus Aurelius Antoninus (called Caracalla), ca. 217–230; Late Severan, Roman, Marble (40.11.1a)
Portrait of the emperor Antoninus Pius, 138–161; Antonine, Roman, Marble (33.11.3)
Recumbent mouflon, Mature Harappan period, ca. 2600–1900 B.C., Indus Valley, Marble (1978.58)
Relief fragment depicting athletic prizes, mid-Imperial, Antonine, 2nd century A.D., Roman, Marble (59.11.19)
Relief fragment with gladiators, Imperial, 1st–3rd century A.D., Roman; recorded ca. 1880 in the Vigna Aquari in Rome, Marble (57.11.7)
Relief fragment, Imperial, 1st–2nd century A.D., Roman; found at Sardis, Marble (26.199.63)
Relief of a dancing maenad, ca. 27 B.C.–14 A.D.; Augustan, Roman copy of a Greek relief attributed to Kallimachos, ca. 425–400 B.C., Pentelic marble (35.11.3)
Relief portrait of the emperor Lucius Verus, ca. 166–170; Antonine, Roman, Marble (13.227.1)
Relief with an archaistic Hermes, 1st century A.D., Roman, Marble (1991.11.8)
Relief with Saint Peter Martyr and Three Donors, ca. 1340, Giovanni di Balduccio (Italian, Tuscan, Bolognese, Milanese), Marble (2001.221)
Reliquary in the Shape of a Sarcophagus, carved 400–600, Byzantine, Marble (2002.483.3a,b)
Sabine Houdon (1787–1836), 18th century (1788), Jean Antoine Houdon (French), French (Paris), Marble (50.145.66)
Sarcophagus lid (kline), Mid-Imperial, Severan, 220 A.D., Roman, Marble (1993.11.1)
Sarcophagus with a Greek physician, early 300s, Roman; Ostia, Italy, Marble (48.76.1)
Sarcophagus with Scenes from the Lives of Saint Peter and Christ, early 300s (with modern restoration), Roman, Marble (1991.366)
Sarcophagus with the contest between the Muses and the Sirens, Late Imperial, Gallienic, third quarter of 3rd century A.D., Roman; in the Villa Nero, Rome, about 1640; later, in the Giardino Torrigiani, Florence, Pentelic marble (10.104)
Seated Jain Tirthankara, Solanki period, ca. first half 11th century, India, Gujarat or Rajasthan, White marble (1992.131)
Seated Musician, Tang dynasty (618–906), China, Marble (2006.156)
Secretary (secrétaire à abattant), 1783, Jean-Henri Riesener (French), Oak veneered with ebony and black and gold Japanese lacquer, tulipwood, holly and black stained holly, amaranth, gilt-bronze mounts, white marble (20.155.11)
Section of a bathhouse floor, 537/538, Byzantine, Marble, mosaic (40.185)
Section of a pilaster with acanthus scrolls, first half of 1st century A.D.; Julio-Claudian, Roman, Marble (10.210.28)
Side tables, ca. 1740, After a design by Matthias Lock (British), Carved gilt pine with verde antico marble veneered top (2007.196.1,2)
Slab with dedication to Isis, Sarapis, and Apollo by Komon on behalf of Ptolemy IV and V, Macedonian-Ptolemaic Period, 209–204 B.C., Egyptian, Marble (89.2.652)
Spouted bowl, ca. 2700–2200 B.C.; Early Cycladic II, Cycladic; Keros-Syros culture, Marble (2001.766)
Standing female figure, ca. 2600–2400 B.C.; Early Cycladic II; late Spedos type, Attributed to the Bastis Master, Cycladic, Marble (68.148)
Statue of a draped seated man, Republican or Early Imperial, 1st century B.C., Roman, Marble (09.221.4)
Statue of a kouros (youth), ca. 590–580 B.C.; Archaic, Greek, Attic, Naxian marble (32.11.1)
Statue of a member of the imperial family shown in heroic semi-nudity, Early Imperial, Augustan or Julio-Claudian, 27 B.C.–68 A.D., Roman, Marble, pigment, gilding (2003.407.9)
Statue of a togatus, ca. 14–9 B.C.; Augustan, Roman, Marble (04.15)
Statue of a wounded Amazon, 1st–2nd century A.D., Roman copy of a Greek bronze original, ca. 450–425 B.C., Marble (32.11.4)
Statue of a wounded warrior, ca. 138–181 A.D.; Antonine; copy of a Greek bronze statue of ca. 460–450 B.C., Roman, Marble (25.116)
Statue of a young woman and a girl from a grave monument, ca. 320 B.C., Greek, Attic, Marble (44.11.2,.3)
Statue of an old market woman, Early Imperial, Julio-Claudian, 1st century A.D., Roman, Marble (09.39)
Statue of Aphrodite, 1st or 2nd century A.D., Roman copy of a Greek statue of the 3rd or 2nd century B.C., Marble (52.11.5)
Statue of Aphrodite, 2nd century B.C.; Late Hellenistic, Greek, Marble (2006.509)
Statue of Diadoumenos, ca. 69–96 A.D.; Flavian; copy of a Greek original, ca. 430 B.C., Roman, Marble (Pentelic) (25.78.56)
Statue of Eirene (personification of peace), ca. 14–68 A.D.; Julio-Claudian, Roman copy of a Greek original by Kephisodotos, 375/374–360/359 B.C., Marble (06.311)
Statue of Herakles seated on a rock, Imperial, 1st or 2nd century A.D., Roman; adaptation of a Greek statue of the late 4th or early 3rd century B.C., Marble (11.55)
Statue of Pan, 1st century A.D., Roman, Marble (1992.11.71)
Statuette of a seated harp player, ca. 2800–2700 B.C.; late Early Cycladic I–Early Cycladic II, Cycladic, Marble (47.100.1)
Statuette of Kybele, Imperial, 1st–2nd century A.D., Roman, based on a cult statue by the Greek sculptor Pheidias or Agorakritos of the late 5th century B.C., Marble (22.139.24)
Steatopygous female figure, ca. 4500–4000 B.C.; Neolithic, Cycladic; Greece, Cyclades, Marble (1972.118.104)
Strigilated sarcophagus, Late Severan, 220 A.D., Roman, Marble (2005.258)
Strigilated vase with snake handles and lid, second half of 2nd century A.D.; Antonine, Roman, Marble (2007.31a,b)
Table Base with the Story of Jonah, early 4th century, Roman, Marble (77.7)
Table Top, 400–600, Byzantine; Said to be from Rome, Italy, Marble (47.100.50)
Terms: Figures of Flora and Priapus, 1616 Pietro Bernini (Italian), Originally in the gardens of the Villa Borghese, Rome, Marble
The Three Graces, Roman copy of a Greek work of the second century B.C., Marble (2010.260)
Torso of a centaur, Imperial, 1st century A.D., Roman; copy of a Greek statue of the 2nd century B.C., Rosso antico marble (09.221.6)
Triumph of Dionysos and the Seasons Sarcophagus, ca. 260–270, Roman, Marble (55.11.5)
Two Columns, 400–600, French; Toulouse, from the Church of Notre-Dame de la Daurade, Marble (21.172.1-2)
Ugolino and His Sons, modeled ca. 1860–61, executed in marble 1865–67, Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux (French), Saint-Béat marble (67.250)
Upright secretary (secrétaire à abattant), ca. 1786–87, Maker: Guillaume Beneman (French) (1971.206.17)
Venezia, ca. 1865–66, Larkin Goldsmith Mead (American), Marble (1999.18)
The White Captive, 1857–58; this carving, 1858–59, Erastus Dow Palmer (American), Marble (94.9.3)
Wisteria Dining Room, 1910–14, Lucien Lévy-Dhurmer (French); made by Édouard-Louis Collet (Swiss), Walnut and amaranth veneer, marble; brass, copper, mirror glass (66.244.1–.2a–e,.9ab,.10ab)
Young Warrior, early 16th century, Workshop of Tullio Lombardo (Italian, Venetian), White marble (32.100.155)